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  1. KAS

    2011 300 xc jetting

    My '11 300 ran great with stock jetting, but the needle leaned out one notch. Sea level up to 5000 ft.
  2. KAS

    285 owners

    Who rides one? How do you like it? Any issues with jetting? I'm seriously considering getting a YZ250X and going 285 right away.
  3. KAS

    300 2-Stroke

    2008-2011 xcw 250 & 300.
  4. KAS

    New Yamaha WR450F m.2012?

    Look closer. That's not a photo chop. Looks like the starter is on the clutch side, front of the motor maybe.
  5. KAS

    300 SXS kit

    I think the Hard Parts 300 SXS kit is only available for the 2008+ motor. Nothing says you couldn't put a 300 cylinder on your 250 from a matching model year, though.
  6. KAS

    '11 250 sx...Yay or Nay?

    Nothing wrong with the PDS system. Way too many people just running around parroting what they hear from other uninformed jerks. Heck, even MXA magazine says the PDS stuff is fine, and we all know they are the omnipotent oracle of all things MX. Nothing wrong with a YZ250 either. I had an '07 and I loved it. Yamaha takes a lot of crap because the bike is starting to not look as cool as some newer bikes, so if you're worried about looking cool on the track or trail I guess that could be taken in to consideration. Updates or not, performance-wise the bike is still quite up to snuff. And there's no denying Yamaha SSS suspension rocks. Try to ignore the die-hard KTM loyals. Their opinions are crazy biased. FWIW I own a 2011 KTM 300 and I love it, but I realize that KTM's aren't the be-all, end-all dirt bikes for everybody. The best thing would be to try and test ride both. But I realize that's kinda tough. Honestly, just buy the one you think you think is cooler. Maybe the one you can get the cheapest? Buy from the better dealer? Either way you'll end up with a great bike.
  7. KAS

    ktm dealer that sells EXC 2T???

    Yep....get the XC/W and put lights on it if you want an E/XC.
  8. KAS

    2011 KTM 300 XC & XC-W differences

    FWIW, 1st & 2nd gear are the only differences between the two transmissions. The W has lower 1 & 2, 3-6 is the same on both bikes.
  9. KAS

    Spark arrestor on 2011 250xc

    Yup mine's off a 2011.....
  10. KAS

    Spark arrestor on 2011 250xc

    I'll sell you a new FMF TC II silencer for $100, shipped to your door. I've installed it on the bike, and ran it for a minute or so, but it's never left the garage.
  11. Mineral spirits is up to about $7/gallon at Bi-Mart now.
  12. I use No Toil oil. I wash my filters in the kitchen wink with OxyClean, leaving behind no smells or mess.
  13. KAS

    A deperate plee to the aftermarket

    My only issue so far on my '11 300 XC seems to be battery-related. If the bike sits for several days, or a week, or whatever, between rides, more than likely the starter wont start the bike when it's cold. It will turn over slow, then, *click click wurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*. I went camping for a week back in October. I rode the bike every day. I never once had to kick start the bike the entire trip, even first thing in the morning. What I took from that is, as long as the battery is tip-top, the starter will work fine. Parts in the starter getting grungy & seizing up from lack of maintenance is a whole other ball of wax. In that respect, yes I believe if KTM was going to add a starter to these bikes, it should have been a maintenance-free thing like the 4-strokes.
  14. KAS

    A deperate plee to the aftermarket

    No one asked that.
  15. KAS

    A deperate plee to the aftermarket

    No one asked that.