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  1. Rot Box

    87 KX250 rebuild thread (basket case)

    Not surprised to see this inside the carb.. I was able to clean it up really well but I'm not sure I'm even going to mess with it. It will likely get a new Keihin PWK when the time comes which should be quite an improvement over this one.
  2. Rot Box

    87 KX250 rebuild thread (basket case)

    Time for new steering stem bearings.. I went ahead and replaced all the bearings, races and crank seals in the bottom end. I have a new rod kit ready to go as well. I'm hoping to get the crankshaft rebuilt soon then I can hopefully get this bottom end put back together
  3. Rot Box

    87 KX250 rebuild thread (basket case)

    Made some progress over the last few weeks. I was able to track down a used transmission which took care of the worn out spline issue. Also found a good set of used radiators. Much-much better than the set I had ha! Prying off a tire that sat outdoors this long was not fun. Moto tip #112. If you don't have $1.75 for a new rim strip just use an entire roll of duct tape.
  4. Rot Box

    Zabel 700

    The shape of that crankcase is insane! Will that bolt into your one of your Maico chassis or is it for something different? Very cool
  5. Rot Box

    1985 rm125 help

    Kinda surprised PC still lists one for that model although it is marked 'out of stock'.. Maybe temporarily? http://www.procircuit.com/platinum-pipes-suzuki.html If not DG is another option: http://dgperformance.com/dg-performance-models2.php?category=Suzuki&model=RM125%20E/F%20&appYear=1985&prodType=Exhaust Hope this helps..
  6. Rot Box

    87 KX250 rebuild thread (basket case)

    Thanks I agree, being an 87 (unique model) I'd like to make sure I can get it back together before doing anything else. Might get kinda tricky finding parts..
  7. Rot Box

    87 KX250 rebuild thread (basket case)

    Moto tip # 284. If your front brake hose becomes deformed just fix it with a socket set holder and about 400 feet of electrical tape. So far the engine is mostly there. The output shaft is worn out (where the front sprocket rides) and will need replaced. At this point I need to get the crankshaft rebuilt, send the cylinder to Millennium for re-plating and get a piston kit. I'm going to replace most of the bearings internally as well. There are some with a decent amount of play.
  8. Rot Box

    87 KX250 rebuild thread (basket case)

    I remember the swing arm and linkage being polished to the point they looked chrome... Also back when polished/chrome was cool lol. I found an entire ecosystem of bugs, rodents and weeds inside the air box... Radiators need some help. I don't think air will flow through them and the JB weld and silicon appears to not be holding all that well. The Barney the dinosaur colors are blinding me. I'm not sure what to do with the frame. I was never a fan of the silver used on these originally and I'm a little burned out on black frames. Not sure all I know is no more purple!
  9. Who's up for a basket case rebuild? Grab a beer I like to type I used to own this bike about 11-13 years ago. My brother bought it back in the 90's (when purple frames were cool!!) and I ended up with it later on. At the time I was in Jr high and hadn't ridden dirt bikes much.. this bike lit that fuse for me. I tracked it down. Turns out not long after I sold it a combination of poor fuel and cheap oil wiped out the crankshaft. The engine was torn apart and left to sit (indoors luckily) while that chassis sat out in the weather for a decade or so. When I went to pick it up my heart sank. What was once a clean, nice well taken care of bike is now a complete pile of s#%t. What's in it for me? I get cabin fever in the cold winter months and this should help with that. It is really hard to justify rebuilding an 80's bike when I could get a newer KX250 for not much more than I'll have into this by the time it's done. I remember really liking this bike and I think for what I'm doing (occasional sand dunes and light trail use) it will be fun. That and for better or worse when is the last time you saw an 87 KX 250? I should point out this will not be a restoration.. not even close. I'll be rebuilding it and updating it where I can so I can ride it again and not cry myself to sleep if I beat it up a little bit. Moto tip #283. If you want white plastics just leave your bike outdoors for 10+ years Definition of basket case:
  10. Rot Box

    What are some good older options?

    Kawasaki KDX 200 gets my vote--great bikes
  11. Rot Box

    1995 ATK 605 regulator needed

    I got my last one from ATK they should have them in stock. Note: The new ones are externally grounded (five wires instead of four). So on the new one black wire needs to be grounded to the frame and red is power. Hope that makes sense... No retrofits that I'm aware of.. they're kinda unique being three phase. Andrew
  12. Rot Box

    The fleet before the long Winters nap

    Yep I know the feeling. Winter is right around the corner On the bright side it's a good time for tear downs, rebuilds and overhauls. I've got quite a list of need-to-do's on the ol' ATK before next season.
  13. Rot Box

    1997 TM250 Enduro wiring diagram and clutch rebuild kit

    I'm not any help, but that's one good looking bike
  14. Rot Box

    Maico 660

    Very cool Kinda surprised you ditched the 50mm WP's... I'm crazy about those forks.