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  1. Gary T won't know what hit him.
  2. FARfetched

    Street jacket for hot weather

    I've got an Intake & it does the job. With both linings in, it's good to 35F with no extra insulation (or windshield or anything). Add a sweater and it's good to 25. With the linings out, 95F is hot only at stoplights. A mesh jacket will keep the sun from hitting your skin but let air through.
  3. Good job, Eddie! You'll take it all next year, right?
  4. FARfetched

    75 Mpg????

    Mine went from 57 mpg average to 62 average as I got close to 4000 miles on the odo. It's been pretty steady ever since… sometimes close to 60, other times close to 65 mpg, but averaging right around 62. The engine & drive train are bone stock SM.
  5. FARfetched

    If you could do it all over again.....

    I'd have bought one 10-15 years ago instead of dicking around with older liter bikes.
  6. FARfetched

    SM offroad

    Why not just make the turn and ride it off road as-is? I took mine across my in-laws' farm this morning — single-track, two-track, and no-track — and the SM was happy as a clam at high tide. Just have to remember to stay off that dang front brake in the dirt... fortunately, it was just an moment instead of something painful/expensive. As I was riding, I found if I put some weight on the pegs & gripped the tank, I could feel what the back end was doing fairly precisely. My bud Jimmy wiped out on his Lifan, and he has knobbies, so I guess I was doing something right.
  7. FARfetched

    Need advise on reinstalling leftside axle slider.

    Where do you find the threaded rod? I've checked every hardware store around here & all they have are English sizes (no metric).
  8. FARfetched

    starting problems

    You might not have oil in your gas, but I wonder if there's gas in your oil. Air filter OK? Choke not stuck on?
  9. FARfetched

    Odometer - Rolled 4k miles since March

    I've done "only" 3200 miles since then (6200 miles since I bought it last summer). I'd probably be closer to 4000 if I hadn't been waiting to get a new tire.
  10. FARfetched

    DRZ SM vs. Versys

    Odd about the test drives. Maybe it's a factory promo, but the local dealer (Yamaha/Star/Suzuki) has demo rides for the V-Star line about once a month. You have to show your license (with M/C validation) and sign a waiver. There's a big empty lot right next to their building, which would be ideal for them to demo dirt bikes.
  11. FARfetched

    D208 SM Tires..What lasts longer??

    The D208 on the rear of my SM lasted 3,000 miles and it was toast. I replaced it with a Pirelli Diablo Strada. I've put 3,200 miles on that one & it still looks almost new. After 6,200 miles, the D208 up front is getting close to the wear bars. I'm hoping it will last another 1,000 miles but I figure it'll have to go next month. I guess I'll put a Strada up front too.
  12. FARfetched

    Gear(clothing) for commuting?

    Full-face helmet, Tourmaster Intake jacket (removable linings, yay!), jeans, gloves, and army surplus leather/mesh boots. I want to add a matching set of armored pants to the ensemble, trying to scratch up $140 for that. In winter, I put the linings in the jacket, add a balaclava & armored overpants, and switch to electric gloves & all-leather boots. With no windshield or hand guards, this works down to about 30F. On days when the chance of rain is 20% or better, I put the rain suit in the milk crate. If it rains, I wear it. :-)
  13. FARfetched

    I found a new 2006 SM.. Need opinions

    Sales of small motorcycles in the US are up 24% over last year, I read (assuming something wasn't muddled), so the dealer may not feel much pressure to come down from there. $5895 OTD = $5500 or so at the price tag. Figure sales tax alone is $250 or more. In the end, if you think you can do better, walk away. If not, talk some more and see if you can get a little movement. Maybe come in on a rainy day.
  14. FARfetched

    My DRZsm died!?!

    How does the fuel filter look? My nephew borrowed my Virago, and complained of a similar problem. Pulled the filter last night, and it was horrid. You'd think it had never been changed in 18 years or 23K miles… umm… oh. Mrs. Fetched picked up a new one so I'll put it on tonight.
  15. FARfetched

    Gas Mileage on the street- what do you get?

    Yeah, William, that's like how a Chevy truck gets 20MPG… EPA estimated highway mileage. Only in the ads. 00Stephen, I got a bounce in gas mileage around the 4000 mile mark. Keep riding & let me know if you see it too. Or just keep riding.