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  1. TruckinAR

    anyone ever replace this seal (pic)

    has anyone ver replaced this seal? if so ... any tricks... looks like I can pop it off and back in without taking off the cover?
  2. TruckinAR

    Acewell 37xx or TT Vapor

    I just ordere a Vapor for the DRshreefiddy today.... $107 including tax and 3 day shipping! w00t! Should be here on Tuesday!
  3. TruckinAR

    2007 DR650 barely runs all of a sudden...

    I bet a piece of plastic from the tank got stuck in the main... Those tanks are NOT 100% clear of shavings when they are brand spanking new.. Just my .02 cents worth
  4. TruckinAR

    Clutch Q's

    rivet a few plates togeather.... bend an ear upwards and use a pair of vice grips to hold it.... or rivet them and them tack well a screwdriver to that... Be creative.. but the old plates and disks are your best bet
  5. TruckinAR

    Clutch Q's

    I just used a big Ol screwdriver. Never had any issues. Yer only supposed to torque it to 30 some pounds, or is it 20 something
  6. TruckinAR

    Tusk D-Flex barkbusters....

    I used a retractable razor blade Just "feel" the lip of the bar end follow it. on the throttle side, just cut around the bend on the end... that is the easy part, getting the old grip off the stock throttle tube is what should concern you
  7. TruckinAR

    USD Forks on DR350

    I dont see why not. the only issue I for see is the bearing fit. Compare the outer diameter of the bearings on the RM to the DR. If they match up, yer good to go!
  8. TruckinAR

    USD Forks on DR350

    I doubt you will be able to just slap the forks in. You will prolly have to get the entire front end... forks, triple tree, stem, wheel and all associated wheel parts. If I am not mistaken, I think Suzuki uses the same steering head tube on almost all of their DS/ MX bikes. I know Yamaha does and I am sure Kawi does it too.
  9. TruckinAR

    1/4 turn fasteners....

    yes this info would be great! I am wanting to do some lugage rack for the DR350, that is 100% removable. Top and two sides of the rear.
  10. TruckinAR

    Tusk D-Flex barkbusters....

    I donin did it.... They arrived today I was pretty easy except to issues 1st: RTFM, I did not realize the plastic was interwoven with the bar... Had to do that one twice.... 2nd: The stock grip is seriously glue to the throttle tube!!! I had to shave it, then sand it with the mortar on a brick I had laying around. Other than that... if I dont ride tomorrow... LOL..... I will see about adding the stock plastic to the bars....
  11. TruckinAR

    Rear Signal Mount

    unruly tailgators or quadtards on the trails actually it hold my paperwerk Komrade, and a few tools, and a tire gauge. I should put a 2" by 10" in its place.... only about 5 bux for all of it.
  12. TruckinAR

    How to Lighten Up a DR650?

    you could lose 350 lbs of dead weight by taking the picture of my ex girlfriend out of your wallet......
  13. TruckinAR

    How to post pics

    nah, it was never there, I have a newer one coming in the mail. I hate not having both. when .....er....... IF , I ever get done with my remodel job, I will have to build a shed for the DR... right now....Oh well, house looks like ass anyways
  14. I have a set of MSR boots My sisters has "cankles"
  15. TruckinAR

    How to post pics

    naaaahhhhhh, so we can post pix like this