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  1. A friend of mine has an XT350. His forks developed a wiggle at where the tubes join. (his head set is ok). He took the forks off and replaced the copper bushing in them. His forks still have a lot of "wiggle" back and forth in the tubes. Probably not the best feeling riding I imagine. Are his forks forked? Any ideas on a fix, because we are scratching our heads a bit.
  2. Drtbykr

    YZ cam, valve clearances

  3. Drtbykr

    YZ cam, valve clearances

    Can I go by the chart in my 03 WR450's manual, or do I need a YZ450F chart?
  4. Drtbykr

    Rear axle chain adjusters

    Left side, facing forward. Perfect, thanks.
  5. Drtbykr

    Rear axle chain adjusters

    Not the brightest question, but I could use some help. The square chain adjuster "plates" on the rear axle, I have one with a raised ridge and one without. I had the axle off to do my rear brakes and I forget which side and direction the ridge goes. Anybody got an answer? Thanks
  6. Drtbykr

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    She's ok if you like thin girls with killer smiles and big .....
  7. Drtbykr

    which tyre

    I am hooked on the Kenda 760 Trakmaster. They are great tires for the price. Get the 120 instead of the 110 since they run a little thin.
  8. Drtbykr

    Baja kit problems, AC headlight wiring

    ok, went out to the shed and unhooked Baja line to headlight and plugged in stock. Now headlight only runs when bike is running, which is ok for now. But for some reason the ignition light goes out when the headlight comes on and the bike is running. Since I haven't had the bike with the stock set up I'm not sure if that is normal or not. Maybe I should take the stock ignition off since the Baja kit already has an on-off setting. Any suggestions?
  9. Went out for a great rip yesterday, but I had to limp home after dark. I have an 03 WR450 with a Baja Kit and the bike cuts out at high revs after a few hours of biking. I have so slowly stripped off the accessories like the blinkers (broken off or unhooked to try to find voltage),but I do not want to take the kit completely off in case I decide to DS it again. The kit has always acted up. I can either - - unhook the kit completely (short term fix since in the spring I may license it again) - my preference would be to hook the headlight up AC. I've tried searching but haven't found any step by step for doing the AC hookup for the electrically challenged, which I am. If someone could repost it or help with this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Drtbykr

    05 DRZ400E vs 05 WR450 or WR250F

    I had a DRZ for one year and traded it. Would have saved a ton of money by getting the WR450 first!! Don't buy an 03. I will never buy a first year model motorcycle again!! (starter woes and worries) If I was doing it again I would get a CRF or YZ450 and Z clutch. It's all about the weight.
  11. Drtbykr

    trade or not

    Keep yours and get a Z clutch. That to me would be the ultimate bike!! If I was doing it all over again that is what I would do.
  12. Drtbykr

    Starter woes

    My starter has never worked right from day one!! The starter mechanism is a POS in my opinion. I was working on mine today and I decided when I get the guts I am going to pull the idler gear out. I'm not comfortable doing work inside the cases, even something this minor. But I'm going to try popping it out. Only the leg has worked right from day one for me. Yamaha sucks for what they have sold for electric start. It worked better on their web site than it ever worked in real life. I have read a lot on this and it seems like a new battery guarantees nothing. Sorry I don't have an answer to fix it, but mine has never worked correctly.
  13. Drtbykr

    Amzoil 00w-40???

    I've used it, but only in the summer. The o number kind of freaked me out but, no problems. One thing for cold weather, ya can't get lower than 0 visconsity. I have a small magnetized heater I used to use for my car's oil pan. You might want to try one, 20 bucks Can.
  14. Drtbykr

    Unable to get a response from Rekluse

    Thats great that you care about the customer! I wrote Yamaha Canada about concerns I had with my bike (starter gear, starting issue and a huge bill for crude coming in the breather hose while I had a kicking session in a bit of water). All I received from that exercise was writing practise. Didn't even have the courtesy to respond!! Unreal. Keep up the good work in customer relations, I hope it pays off for you.
  15. Drtbykr

    wr450 weight

    I went from a DRZ S (that I had lightened by replacing it's insanely heavy exhaust). I don't have any hard numbers but it's a catch 22. The riding is a lot more effortless and I can enjoy the offroading on my 450 much more than the DRZs. Plus, I spend a lot more time on the wheels and not on my head!! Injuries suck, and the weight of the DRZ spit me off an cracked a few ribs up good. Showing up to work without time to heal is tough. As I was saying, weight is a catch 22 because reliabilty and maintenace suffer with too much weight lose. For example, the DRZs button is awesome, but my Yamaha button surprises me when it works. And there is less oil. The weight of the 450 hasn't bothered me much, I am rarely on an MX course and it's an awesome woods bike. I take it places without effort that the DRZ was heart attack inducing in the rough. I would say 20-25lbs. The new 450 has gone backwards a bit by having a smaller tank, gas isn't a bad thing to carry around. Yamaha dissapointed me with the way they handled the 03 starter issue and I had a breather hose problem that cost me a fortune (after my 1400 repair bill from the crap it sucked in, I fixed the problem for 4 bucks). Anyway, for the type of riding I enjoy, low and high speed woods riding the bike is fine. I just wish my legs were an inch longer sometimes.And the seat on the WR seems lower than the DRZ. I think that made the DRZ weight worse, the high seat height. I have never driven a DRZE model. They look sweet and I'd love to try one out, but my WR450 eats the DRZS without trying. Check for the best dealer, also.