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  1. DocSausage

    2019 KTM 250 XC: Any ride reports please?

    The power is perfect with a lectron, I don't think you need a green spring. The bike narrow and almost feels like riding a triaxle bike with a nice seat and good suspension. Bought mine a week ago.
  2. DocSausage

    Hatfield- Bearwallow

    Buffalo Mountain has awesome single track. The other stuff is just gas well roads and pretty fast moving. Pick your poison.
  3. It is not very challenging, but it has many miles of good trails. The owner/lease owner rides buggies and is cool with us hitting it. We have our own single track that cuts off and is more challenging when we want to climb some hills. The Adrian stuff is good too, we are hitting it Sunday this week studded up.
  4. I have been out 4 or 5 times in 9 degree. On good singletrack, you are still warm. I may skip this weekend as it is like -10 and my daughter has a birthday party.
  5. I have run about 50 miles of it, but am always looking for groups or guys that are riding it. I live by the Redbank Awercs track, but Kittanning has a lot more already cut into the hills. Thanks in advance for any help. If you know of a group, send me details.
  6. DocSausage

    Best site to buy parts for a TE300?

    I am a custom to partzilla for my YZ, but is there a site that has 2014 TE300 microfiche and sells parts? thanks!!!
  7. DocSausage

    New to TE300, looking for a suspension article.

    Which needle works for 300? I was told rm250 needle? Clip position? i spent the money and had the case valve mod done. Can't wait to try it!!!
  8. DocSausage

    YZ295 with 39mm carb, anybody else run this?

    Well the motor has not worked out. The first piston made 7 hours and the second made it 22. I am selling all of the 295 stuff. Email Marshall.casale@gmail if you want any of it.
  9. I searched, but I am not sure how close to a Husky TE300 the Husaberg TE300 is? I just need a hand with what would be a good setting to start with on a 2014 TE300, such as sag amount, clicker settings. I am 200 pounds so I know I am maxing the springs, but I am only riding single track and trail as a hobby. Thanks for any links.
  10. I just put my yz295 back together with a 39mm keihn carb from Carbparts.com. Has anybody else run one and what did the jetting look like? Yz295 - mo betta porting on pump gas FMF pipe Stock reeds 39mm Keihn carb 178 main #6 slide Straight taper needle on clip 2 50 pilot Runs pretty well but it is hard to make a change that can be noticed, is there more to go? I see guys posting 185 mains, that is huge!
  11. DocSausage

    Yamaha YZ250 2009

    Love it
  12. DocSausage

    Yamaha YZ250 (2009)


    Love it
  13. DocSausage

    WestVirginia Parkersburg WV trails?

    I am down here for work and brought my wr250 with me. It has street tires, but i can crab a cheap 250 for true trails. Any good places to ride or am i going to be playing xbox all summer?
  14. I hate to say it but I don't even have photo shop. If somebody could make up a picture of my bike with these ebay skull graphics it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. DocSausage

    How Much for a Left over 09

    I paid 5109.00 OTD at Honda East of Toledo March 27, 2010 for an 09 crf450r. They have a few left at that price.