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  1. kenr74

    White smoke from 1974 F11

    I played around with the oil injector and it is much better now. I'm guessing it was getting too much oil. Kind of nervous using the injector instead of just mixing though. From what I read the injector also lubes the crank though so I'll run it for a while and see how it goes. Fun bike so far.
  2. Haven't had a two stroke in a long time but I picked up this pile of parts and trying to get it back on the road. Starts and runs fine. Old school air cooled 250. Compression is at 147psi. It smokes like crazy though. White smoke. Smokes all the time but going down the road at normal speeds I could kill anything behind be with smoke. Power seems ok(22hp supposedly) but it isn't going to rip any arms off. It has the oil injection system that is working. No idea if I am giving it too much or too little oil but it is getting oil. Where should I start?
  3. kenr74

    Uncomfortable seat 03 wr450f

    Used to love Seat Concepts but their prices are out of line to me. Was looking to upgrade my seat on my 04 but $175 for a piece of foam is too much for me. Seems like they were much cheaper before but maybe not. I've done their tall seats on a couple bike and been very happy with them though.
  4. kenr74

    What tank is this?

    I ordered stock shrouds and they fit fine. Either the guy I bought it from was full of bs or just didn't know what he had. The left side radiator was bent so it was hard to mount that side but it worked with a little effort.
  5. kenr74

    What tank is this?

    I hadn't thought about that but you are probably right. The seller said it was aftermarket but didn't know anything about it. Stock says it is a 2.6 gallon so that is close to what I put in.
  6. kenr74

    What tank is this?

    Bought a 2004 WR450F and it appears to have an aftermarket tank. The seller said he ordered three sets of blue shrouds and never could find the right ones. I drained it completely and it took 2.75 gallons. I can't really find any markings on it other than on the bottom it says Takagi with a date code. Any idea who made it and what shrouds will fit? I was thinking it is the IMS 3.1 gallon tank which would require 05-06 WR Shrouds or 03-05 YZF shrouds if I'm reading the interwebs right.
  7. kenr74

    Kent Kawasaki gone?

    Sorry to hear they are going out of business but can't say I'm surprised. I rode to Alaska last year and had my stator go bad along the way. I limped it to Kent Kawasaki and the service department was great. They actually tore a new bike apart to get me back on the road. While I was waiting though I watched a guy(I was told he was the owner) ignore and treat people like crap. When it was time to pay I got the same treatment. I know that I wouldn't spend my money there after dealing with him.
  8. +1 on Rekluse. Those guys know what customer service is about. Same for Rocky Mountain ATV. If it is in stock it ships the same day(their inventory is live). If it isn't in stock they let you know when it will ship. Just put an order in and got shipping confirmation 38 minutes later. I'll have it in two days.
  9. kenr74

    Great Customer Service

    They did make up for it. If you are happy that is what matters since you are the customer. I'm usually on the wrong end of the conversation and get to explain why we screwed up to a PO customer.
  10. kenr74

    Great Customer Service

    I've never used the product but can't understand how not shipping something until you emailed them is good customer service. Sounds like they had them in stock a week before Christmas but chose not to ship them until you asked about them. The least they should have done is let you know you wouldn't have them for Christmas considering the time of year they were ordered.
  11. kenr74

    40 hour engine

    Yes, I hadn't been there for a long time but logged on yesterday. Now I just get a message saying I can beg for forgiveness if I want back in. No thanks. Your posts have helped me more than anything I've seen over there.
  12. kenr74

    40 hour engine

    I guess that is all it takes to get banned from that crap site. I've learned more here than over there with all the elitists anyway. I bit my tongue before but their protecting a bad seller doesn't suprise me at all. I had a similiar(luckily cheaper) experience with Munn Racing and was pretty much told to pack sand. Now I spend my money with people that are not in the business of screwing customers.
  13. kenr74

    40 hour engine

    Wow! Just stumbled onto this disaster. Obviously Joe got screwed. Any reputable seller would have taken the engine back if the shipping was covered. Ignoring PMs and calls says it all for me. At least we all know now not to buy from that thief. For a website to protect this seller says a lot about it. Never spent much time there but I sure won't spend any $$ there now.
  14. kenr74

    timber ridge mx park

    Interesting that she has an unlisted number and doesn't use her real address anywhere. Can't imagine why. Susan Hansen, PO Box 50, Molalla OR 97038
  15. kenr74

    Kill a motorcyclist - 2 for 1 SPECIAL

    Getting drunk and then driving is a choice. Drunk drivers should be shot on the spot. As far as I'm concerned if you get in your car and drive you made the choice to go and and try to kill somebody.