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  1. pieplatesnductape

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Enjoying this thread. May be getting a 6x12 soon. I like the idea of a side door with rv latch, but, I may be parking overnight at a Hotel now and then and Im concerned that door would be an invite to thieves? Are they as easy to break into as they look?
  2. pieplatesnductape

    Shock body coating help

    Revisiting this topic. Is there a repair option for the vintage or evo crowd whose shock bodies are not available from oem? Ordering worn out shocks off the auctions sites seems like it should be last resort option.
  3. pieplatesnductape

    Yz pegs on steel frame CR?

    so i tried a set of 2014 yz250 (5xe) pegs on the 95CR, and fit is perfect, but I dont like the small amount of forward sweep. This takes away a little room between the peg and shifter. (My old pegs had a minimal amount or rearward sweep, but they were from a KTM so not exactly the correct fit for the CR, but going from swept back a hair to swept forward was too much of a difference) Im probably going to experiment with some IMS and or Fastways.
  4. pieplatesnductape

    Yz pegs on steel frame CR?

    Cant seem to find the thread, but I remember something about modern YZ pegs fitting the older steel CR's. Im looking for pegs for a 95CR 125. Im assuming if the stock yz pegs from certian model years fit, then the aftermarket options for those yz model years may also fit?
  5. pieplatesnductape

    02-07 wheels on a 95 cr125?

    Yes. Newer bigger axle, newer hub, old hanger, old brake rotor. O I forgot to mention. One of the spacers from the old hub has to be shorten a little bit to fit and line up the chain. I think it's the right one but I can't remember Thanks for the help, the last puzzle piece that I can think of is the # 8 dia rotor bolts in the old hub/rotor config, to the #6 dia bolts for the modern hub? Did you drill up the hub to accept the larger bolts for old rotors
  6. pieplatesnductape

    02-07 wheels on a 95 cr125?

    Once your swingarm fit the larger axle, you used the modern hub, with the old hanger sized up for larger axle, and a small rotor on modern hub? I wound up buying the MXA project bike from the Aug 2016 issue. So the front was already converted to the 2008 crf450 forks, and it has a custom set of applied triple clamps. Absolutely love this old 125, so Im trying to find parts and wheels etc to keep it as my primary rider. Id like to keep the wheels that came on it in good shape and practice on a nice spare wheelset. Since the 02-07's are in stock all over the place, I started down that path first.
  7. pieplatesnductape

    02-07 wheels on a 95 cr125?

    S.O.A.N.Z, Thanks for the link. I actually emailed them a few days ago, and they said the oldest wheel they make for the cr125 is a 1998, and that my idea of putting newer wheels on an older bike is risky. Ill have to ask them about this particular ad though, maybe old stock being sold off? Braaaper121, did you have to take much out of the swing arm for the larger axle? (I have a good machinist to work with.) Im assuming your old rear rotor was 220, and the new wheels used a 240mm rear rotor? Was the reason for opening the rear caliper hanger axle hole because newer hangers with correct size hole wont match the old swingarm mounting area? Sorry for all the dumb questions. Forgot to mention, I have a 08 crf450 front end on the bike, so Im ok for modern stuff up front, just need to sort out the rear wheel mounting/adapting to fix larger axle.
  8. pieplatesnductape

    02-07 wheels on a 95 cr125?

    Hi folks, Im thinking of treating my 95cr125 to a new wheelset. Of course oem is out of production. Ive read elsewhere someone used 02-07 aftermarket (warp9) wheels on a 96 cr250. For the rear they used the newer brake hanger (for the larger rotor) and then put in the stock 90's size axle and bearings into the new hub to get it to fit. Wondering if anyone here has fitted any type of new wheels on a steel CR?
  9. pieplatesnductape

    CRF 450R 2017 Ride Report

    Thanks for the report. Glad to hear the flame outs are in the rear view mirror. There has been almost no buzz over flame outs in any thread Ive found so far. Very encouraging. I may just have to give the CRF a go. I think I would need to find a triple clamp that allows mounting the bars further forward though. I wonder if there are any on the market yet?
  10. pieplatesnductape

    Carb wire routing 14 yz250?

    I wonder if they come from the factory routed wrong? Maybe my shop just put it back the way they found it? From the left side the manual shows pretty clearly the dotted line indicating its behind at least one bracket, but from the right side the manual isn't as clear, and doesn't show the dotted lines, although there appears to be a drawing of the protective boot zip tie, in the right bracket hole. Im sending it through the center i think.
  11. pieplatesnductape

    Carb wire routing 14 yz250?

    Gotcha, thanks!
  12. pieplatesnductape

    Carb wire routing 14 yz250?

    Hi gents, the picture in the manual is not the best. Does the carb wire harness go between the upper engine mount brackets or on the right side? My local shop currently has it pulled around and up the left side of the engine brackets, and its pulled too tight. Thanks.
  13. pieplatesnductape

    2017 yz250 vs 2017 ktm250sx

    If the KTM had a keihen, Id say go orange, but…..
  14. pieplatesnductape

    2017 CRF450R :)

    had to shim my 14 at 10 hours, but i heard that was common for the Hondas. I sincerely hope excessive flame outs are finally a thing of the past with the new 17's. So far, this has not been a common problem, fingers crossed.
  15. pieplatesnductape

    2017 CRF450R MXA update

    Im no fan of Honda after dealing with my 14's flame out problems and spending $$$$, but this issue with the 17's at least at this stage of the game, seems like it can be taken care of with a recall. Agree with H4L, I wouldn't panic just yet, but if I just bought one, Id want that recall notice in my mailbox in short order. Kudos to MXA for reporting on the issue.