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  1. Quack

    Dating 101 With Mandi

    I can answer this, but trust me you want to think she is doing good. Yeah she has alot more experince dating.....Since when she made the first post on this thread it was after her first date ever. I and as for her riding...
  2. Quack

    I am at my wits end.

    Glad to hear you got a crate and things are hopefully working out. One bit of advice, you really didnt need the largest crate you could get. It is better to just have one they can go in, and turn around in. Your dog is not going to be exercising in there, pretty much laying down and being good. But at least your on the right track. Awesome!!
  3. Quack

    I am at my wits end.

    Have you done any obedience classes with this dog? I would also suggest crate training the dog, it is never too late to do that with any dog. I have had dogs for many years, and trained for OB, field trials and hunt tests. I have taken in older dogs and pups. A dog that is obedience trained is normally a lot better dog, when you are and are not around. Who is Alpha at your home? Most people like to think they are, but in actuality the dog is. Might be something else to think about. You need to be the one in charge at your home. As far as the electronic fencing. Think of it as being in a bubble. If you are shocked on one side and take off running, then you will get it again when you get to the other side. As long as you don't get out of the bubble, you are always surrounded. They can work, but you still need to teach the dogs how they work. Too many people think just throw the collar on and let the dog run, they will learn. Wrong answer, that is where you get the dog that runs and get thru and then cant get back in. Just remember, dogs and kids are a lot alike. The more you let them get away with the more they will get away with.
  4. Quack

    Women Over 40

    Just a few more years Pammy and you will be right up there....lol
  5. Quack

    Other Toys!

    Let us know when your on the way Kiwi, we can do lunch, and then help you pack your trailer for the way home...lol
  6. Quack

    DNA test kit for dogs?

    L2f, Normally hip problems are associated with purebreds. Once you dilute the gene pool with another make and model, the chances of these diminish. Not too many "Mixed Breed" dogs, that I have ever heard of come up with hip problems. Part of the problem larger breed dogs can have hip problems is, they grow too fast. Most people buy puppy food and actually feed it for a year. per the bag. I know a lot of lab people, trainers, breeders, and just owners. From the people I know they feed puppy food for only the first 6 months, then cut it in half, or out due to the high calcium in the food. They want to help slow down the bone growth rate. Another problem with larger breed dogs and their hips, is the fact people keep them over weight. Most people just seem to think that their dog is just a big dog, when in reality the dog is over weight. Cancer is a totally different story. Still I am curious to hear what you find out about what mix your dogs are.
  7. Quack

    Maybe I'm crazy or...

    Take look at this, I am hoola hooping. I bent over to pick it up and the picture was taken
  8. Quack

    Have to share this CL ad

    The funnier part is that you believe that they didnt really understand that.
  9. Quack

    Christmas cookie recipe thread (please?)

    Wow I cant believe this. I have had my offer up for just about a full day, and not one PM. Come on ladies, help out a single guy.
  10. Quack

    Hi from Kentucky

    You are cuter than heck hearing a skirt and your MX boots. Gotta love it. Thanks for the smile:thumbsup:
  11. Quack

    major snowage action happenin up here

    I too am in Wisconsin. This morning at 3:30 I got to push around about 5 inches of snow and I am not looking forward to pushing around the nasty stuff we have coming in. They are calling for rain first then up to a foot of snow on top of that. Should be interesting driving with the ice and snow combo. Friday happens to be the last day of school for the kids before the holiday, so they are bummed already that school might be canceled. Friday is party day for the younger one, and the older one is supposed to go to a play.
  12. Quack

    Christmas cookie recipe thread (please?)

    Ok anyone making too many cookies can just PM me for my address. I can be an official taste tester or just a nice person to send them too. I will try any that are sent and post how good they are. I am looking forward to the PMs. Pammy I think you were supposed to send me some a long time ago.... This would be a nice time to make up for that
  13. rhr, I cant see your picture, I just get the little red x
  14. Quack

    07/08 yz450f actual weight?

    yz450f 2008 219 lbs 2007 220 lbs
  15. Quack

    invention for bike loading?

    Loading is the easy part, I hate taking them back out. I prefer my trailer. It is way easier than the back of a truck.