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  1. tctrailrider

    2013 300 xc-w spark arrestor?

    I have run the EE endcap, screen, on my 200. Motul at 50-1, 70 hours, screen has never been cleaned, runs like new.
  2. tctrailrider

    Oil in airbox

    A little premix is normal, all of my 2stks do it.
  3. tctrailrider

    KTM Linkage arm - FAIL - Need advice

    Congrats, you hung in, and WON.
  4. tctrailrider


    Sound great to me, go Buckeyes.
  5. tctrailrider

    Stock position for KTM 18-20mm offset triple clamps

    Personal preference, I find the opposite. Removed the 22's from 2011 200XCW, replaced with 18's and it sticks like glue. I like the heavier feel I get with lower offset.
  6. tctrailrider

    Bike only wants to start when pushed

    Works for me.
  7. tctrailrider

    Riding during hunting season

    Nope, not until Dec. 1st.
  8. tctrailrider

    Oct. 1st 7 mile staging area

    Good ride, thanks for putting it together Thump. Nice to meet and ride with others.
  9. tctrailrider

    Oct. 1st 7 mile staging area

    I found a little gas grille in the basement, I'll bring it along.
  10. tctrailrider

    Oct. 1st 7 mile staging area

    I'll bring some wood to make ramps so we can get over the stuff.
  11. tctrailrider

    Oct. 1st 7 mile staging area

    I think I can, I think I can.
  12. tctrailrider

    Early planning for B-day ride

    Very good question. If I survive the Gauley this weekend, I'm in for any other weekend.
  13. tctrailrider

    Nuudle8 is hurt!

    Thanks for posting. Heal well Mark.
  14. tctrailrider

    200 Xc-W Spark arrestor Q

    I have the EE arrestor on the stock silencer. Motul 800 premix, 50-1. After 50 hours screen is spotless, fit and finish A+
  15. tctrailrider

    Evart on a hot day

    Once the temps drop a little, lets put together a TT ride. Always a good time.