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  1. it's been mentioned many times already...wheel alignment is the issue as far a I can see.
  2. Excellent vid dmac!! That tired me out just watching in a couple locations. What trails are those?
  3. Surely you know how much I dislike humidity so we can rule out Louisiana.
  4. Thanks for the visual reminder(video) of the Tank7 trail....the first part of that trail, the part you didn't get recorded was a real kicker for me!! I did that trail by myself and I had a great feeling of accomplishment when I finished....so much adrenaline flowing for sure. I watched the vid in HD and even so, vids and pics don't do the trails justice for what they truly are. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I was just out there two weeks ago....correct me if I'm wrong but where you're at in the end of the video is at the Tank 7 trail, correct? Where exactly did you start out at on the CD trail. Did you come in off of the Marshal Pass road?
  6. The park will open but not til sometime in 2020....the lake is still close to twenty feet flooded yet! The Corp of Engineers is in agreement with me in regard to the work needed out there before we unlock the gate for use and it's going to take awhile to achieve cleared and safe trails. I'm not making a post for help until the lake is at least down another ten feet and then the weather hopefully is favorable. Coming into fall and winter months makes trail work easier in a couple of different ways.
  7. I share the same discouragement and know exactly how he feels. He and I have done all the trail maintenance out there the last fifteen years with little to no help.....IMO, there'll be little effort by others to do the job from start to finish!!!
  8. Ya, I thought of your 'lil prediction/statement when I heard that.
  9. After meeting with the COE today, School Creek will not be open to the public until sometime in 2020. However, if your willing to help with trail clean up which consists of cutting and moving limbs, tree trunks, branches, etc.....get ahold of me and I'll let you know when there's a work day.
  10. July 11, Thursday Milford will be increasing the release from 9,000 to 12,000 cfs today and is currently at 79.8 % of the flood pool. Inflow into the lake is increasing. The increase in release to 12,000 cfs should keep the lake steady for the next few days and then will begin evacuating flood storage again. The level is around 28' above normal pool levels for this time of year. There is no timeline or urgency in draining the "tub" completely.
  11. If you're on facebook, check out School Creek Off Road Vehicle Association for updates and status. I will also be using this format to announce work days on the trails. There are a number of ramps open and require advanced skills to do it,. Two people can easily pull it off if each person knows their role. No novices please.
  12. KTMKIM

    Nemo, SD

    HAHAHA!!! You always answer a question with a question?
  13. KTMKIM

    Nemo, SD

    I'd like to hear from anybody who has rode the trails in that area...difficulty, terrain, etc. ??? thanks
  14. No, it does not but it is a problem to find parking space if your not there real early. The riding park has two seperate areas and typically, the race is held on the southern area and we leave the other side open to regular day users. No fee but do read our regulation board if this is your first visit. Thanks and ride safe.
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