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  1. if it's the Wrangler Edition you could probably sell it to a collector for like 50k
  2. you can do 55 miles on the road with it. But you'll never forget you are riding a dirt bike on the road. Try to at least buy one with the aluminum frame. And never ride with the stock exhaust.
  3. isn't that a TS185? I remember that being a great bike
  4. how much are you going to save using cheaper plates? you are already into it for a big cash wad. Plus you are going to go through some kind of fine tuning or not. You won't know if it's ever performing as good as it supposed to or if it's compromised. But maybe Tusk plates are quality. I've never used them
  5. You built a bad ass little woods bike. Ill bet you can get through the woods as fast or faster on that bike than a full size bike. I'm surprised most like the flywheel on the 100 I tried a KX100 with a flywheel one time and I hated it. To me its just not that kind of engine. But its your bike for you not for me so I'm happy it works I have a large tank and tall seat for that bike if the next owner is interested
  6. definitely worth 75.00 I run one on my 83 KX125 .
  7. My 83 KX125 seat is way soft Id like to get new foam. Unfortunately for me no one offers anything for that old bike Where can I get foam to make a new seat?
  8. Loved the format Id be happy with 2 motos
  9. supercross

    Dumbest thing Ive ever heard of They kill the 2 stroke to go faster on 4 strokes Now they want to slow down 4 strokes Lets just go back to 125 and 250 We can pretend all this had never happened
  10. That was a great race! Wise and Magoo were amazing. I'm not a Harley guy at all, but those guys were phenominal too. Those bikes were huge pos Harleys designed to turn left and had minimal suspension. Id much rather be riding a Factory Honda Chassis than a lump a coal like Shoebert and Sprinsteen
  11. Has anyone ever ridden a CRF250 back to back with a 250x? Thinking of getting (great deal) a fresh crf250. I ride a good amount of off road and was wondering how much taller a 250x 5th gear was. I know the MX bike runs out of gears quickly
  12. No, my choice got even harder. My good friend is against me having a trail bike so bad he offered to sell his fresh CRF250 set up for offroad super cheap to me. I know he could easily get 1000 more for it selling it to a stranger. Has having too good a friend ever been a problem ?
  13. That came out really good. Hybrids can go either way depending how compatible the parts are and how good the builder is.
  14. Its someone elses bikes they can do what they want. I just never understood the draw of taking a can of BBQ spray paint black to a bike.
  15. mount the tank. Check to see if the forks are going to clear at full lock. For some reason the fat tubes seem like things are going to be close