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  1. VB1959

    chain, how loose/tight...

    When I'm riding doun the street the chain is alway bobing up and down making clacking noises but when I tighten it up it one notch it is to tight. I was wondering if anyone out there has bought a chain tensioner for this problem? And did it cure it?
  2. VB1959

    Chain Differences

    I put a 520 chain on so I could go with a much larger rear sprocket to lower the gearing. I went from a 42 rear to a 52. I ride in the woods a lot and it makes a huge differance. You also have to get a matching counter sprocket.
  3. VB1959

    MMI Information

    I graduated at MMI in 1981. At that time you couldn't buy a job. My best friend went to diesel mechanics school and had much better luck. I learned a lot that I still use today but as far as opening doors to a new career it left me hanging by my balls. Make sure you have an iron clad contract with those screws before you pay them a sent! I was promised 95% placement in my career field and I didn't get jack. I was in the top 90% of my class also.
  4. VB1959

    Hands numb

    Try a set of softer grips.
  5. VB1959

    XR400 vs DRZ400E

    If you have a blown out knee like I do get the DRZ.
  6. VB1959

    clean out a pipe?

    My plan is to buy a new FMF. I've got to have some excuse for the old lady.
  7. VB1959

    Tourge Wrenchs

    The last craftsman torque wrench I bought broke and they wouldn't repair or replace it when I brought it back. I thought all craftsmen tools would be replaced or fixed if they failed. But for torque wrenches that was not the case. The point is make sure you buy a good quality tool that stands by there product before you buy one.
  8. VB1959

    Big bore, hi compression, or both?

    When you say head work do you mean milling it doun and altering the sqwish pattern?
  9. VB1959

    The Best DRZ400 seat money can buy !

    JC Whitney makes a fine air pillow seat cushion that works wonders at a low price. And it is ugly.
  10. VB1959

    One year with My no longer new DR650

    That seat looks great!
  11. VB1959

    Where to buy 14t 520 sprocket for DR650?

    I Have Been Using A 520 For 2500 Miles And Also A 48 And 52 Tooth Rear Sprocket. I Ride A Lot Of Wood Trails That Would Not Be Possible With Out Gearing With Out The 52 And I Can Still Top Out At 90. The Down Side Is That Anything Above 60 Mph Is Reving Pretty Hi But I Can Still Hit 90 Mph Before The Rev Limeter Kicks In. No Problem To Switch It To A Smaller Rear Sprocket For Street If I Want To. With The Hi Price Of Gas Im Still Getting 50 Mpg And Im Happy With That And Still Able To Go Most Places A Klr Would Not Be Able To.
  12. VB1959

    Survey for pre 2004 DR650 base gasket leak

    My gasket is leaking pretty bad now I have an 02 with 3850miles. I'm going to order the hi compression piston from kientech. What does it cost to port and polish. What are they talking about and is it worth it?
  13. Husqvarna 455 chainsaw
  14. VB1959

    DR 650 Value

    I got an 02 last year with 2000 mi for $3400 in Idaho. I have done a few mods and have had a lot of fun on it. I'm just waiting for the snow to melt so I can get back to riding.
  15. VB1959

    Dirtbikes vs. ATVs

    Quads are better for ice fishing.