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  1. that would have taken me off the 100' drop on the inside of the turn.
  2. I remember thinking "this is gonna hurt" I was right. 10 mile ride back to the truck. ouch!!!
  3. So last year my son and I were riding on a lake bed. It was really slick and muddy. I was working on my sliding but found when I got around too far the back tire would catch and launch me. This was no big deal as we were riding on mud. So 3 weeks ago I was on a blue groove fire trail. Coming about a turn about 20 mph and the back tire started sliding. I did my best to steer into it with no luck. I got a quick trip to the ground with a torn ligament in my ring finger and a pretty bad concussion. Anyways my question is this. What do you do when the back end gets too far around? Thanks, David
  4. djh65

    08 Klr 650

    I've done some great mods to mine that I really suggest. 1. KTM super moto front fender. Really helps with the wind. 2. Added some fog lights. 3. Luminar lip adjusted up an extra 1" 4. SS brake line. I also moved my plate. I will be adding my new Dunlop 606's this week David
  5. djh65

    Exhaust for 08 KLR650

    I think it looks horrible and sounds like a 69 vw bug. lol
  6. djh65

    Exhaust for 08 KLR650

    Been looking into exhaust systems, anyone got any advise?? David
  7. djh65

    So....KLX 650 or DR 650?

    If it helps I really like my 08 klr650. I've really enjoyed riding it on the street and it does well on the fire roads. I don't think I would try to that the black diamond trails on it but I would give the blue trails a shot. I would say it is 70 street David
  8. djh65

    08 Klr 650

    I must say I still am really happy with the 08. runs like a champ and handles well. I found a link for a guy that has done massive testing on the HP and can get it up to 45. I don't think I need that much power for the money but with a jet kit, airbox mods, air filter and pipe you can get 3 or 4 more at 5K rpm. I got the coretex bags and it is great for camping. David http://www.patmanracing.com/klrdyno.htm Great read.
  9. djh65

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    Had my brand new 1986 GSXR750, the first ones you could get. Met my buddies at the lake to go skiing. After a day of fun we all got back to the parking lot. In front of everyone did the same as above. Steering was locked. I pomptly slammed my new bike onto the ground. Oh and myself. David
  10. I hope it works for you. CA sucks in that regard. Keep us posted. David
  11. I would think a CR125 would be much faster than a crf250F it those are the bikes your comparing. Other bikes would have a different result like the crf250r. David
  12. djh65

    bike goes boom

    It's fun to watch things blow up. Just not my things.
  13. djh65

    Washing helmet insides

    Mine just stinks. Yuck!!! Have to try some of these tricks. David
  14. djh65

    XR650L vs KLR650

    Great!!! Enjoy the ride and post pics. David
  15. djh65

    bike goes boom

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.