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  1. Well, I've been out of bikes for more than half a year, and I can't stand it any longer! I want a 250 two stroke but I have no idea which one I should get, I'm between a YZ and a CR, or maybe a KTM 300. My budget is right around 2k right now, so a 2000 to 2004 model year would probably be about right. Any ideas? Thanks! Info: 6'3" 170 lbs Mostly sandy high speed trails. some track time, and just general tooling around.
  2. Deer, coyotes, rattle snakes, lots of lizards... stuff like that.
  3. kid145

    Off / On road clutch use

    So you could get moving. You don't need it to shift, the gears are constant-mesh.
  4. kid145

    Oil/Gas Mixture in 4-Strokes

    It can't hurt. Make your valves last longer too. Just sayin'
  5. Only a week? My bike's been on since november..
  6. kid145

    Dirt bikes made in USA

    Oooohh... 950cc Urban Assault...... Sounds fun.
  7. kid145

    A long day...

    At least you got your dirtbike back! I wouldn't have been able to restrain myself and call the cops! I would've went to the door with a buddy or two and uh.... let's just say it would not be pretty.
  8. kid145

    Fuel in Air boot (Pre-carb)

    Exactly what I was going to say. Mine has the same thing, it's filter oil for me. I put alot on.
  9. kid145

    Yellowing Boots! Help me.

    Bleach? Simple green? Sandpaper? Wait a minute.....
  10. kid145


    ATF type F for the tranny.
  11. Is there something special about the bulb?
  12. I've found the gear for $50 somewhere, just shop around. Or you could leave it and hope it doesn't break anything, or you could not run the powervalve; like I did. It's been working fine for me for however long it's been, 9 months or so. Or, you could run half a powervalve, like I SHOULD have done. Now i have to pull the motor completely back apart once I get the gear, or do it when I'm doing the top end. But I'm trying to sell the KDX so I haven't done much with it in a few months. http://www.mrcycles.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=370744&category=Motorcycles&make=KAWASAKI&year=1999&fveh=8590
  13. kid145

    KDX losing coolant out of here

    .. Since when was there a hole there? I've never seen it. Maybe I need to pay more attention.
  14. kid145

    Never owned a 2t, until now.......

    Fly wheel weight.