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    Death Valley National Monument

    Death Valley is a very cool place, but no off-roading in the national monument itself. Lots to see and do there anyways. You could also go out to Beatty and then back into Death Valley through Titus Canyon (dirt, one-way only), it's a very cool ride on a dual-sport bike. I don't recommend the 190 coming from the west (395) with a trailer! That road has several miles which are very step and narrow with hairpin switchbacks. The northern and southern entrances are no problem.
  2. Steve_Morgan

    Michael Angelo give us a update

    Here's one of many sites that discuss the relationship between soda intake and calcium levels: http://www.mcvitamins.com/soda.htm Also, I've heard that calcium citrate is the best supplement since it's 80% absorbed by the body, whereas calcium carbonate must first get processed by the stomach's hydrochloric acid, and averages about 20% absorbtion.
  3. Steve_Morgan

    Vegas to Reno pictures....

    Hey Dan, cool pictures! My buddy Scott is looking for a rider to share 1/2 of the upcoming Baja 500... drop me a line if you can! Is your 100W headlight really that bright at idle? Our stock bulbs go real dim at idle.
  4. Steve_Morgan

    Chain Lube

    WD-40 attacks rubber. It's a solvent, not a lubricant. Just for fun, blow up a ballon and spray some WD-40 on it, wait about 5 minutes, and BLAM! It's great for loosening rusted bolts though
  5. Steve_Morgan

    Trials tires?

    It'll be interesting to see how they perform, I wished I had a set on during a wet dual-sport event up at Sequioa a couple of years ago. It was amazing to see how little traction our knobbies got on muddy rocks, rocky hills, and stream crossings. The whole day I was wishing I was on my trials bike! Since trials tires are designed to run 5-7 psi, mounted on 170 lb. motorcycles, I'd expect we would run higher pressures on our WR's. The sidewalls are very soft so that the tire can make a big footprint as it conforms to the terrain. Due to the soft sidewalls, they are a definite hazard on the street. The tire compound is so soft that you can easily twist each knob 90 degrees with your fingers. Gumbo mud (clay) will turn them into slicks, since they won't self-clean unless it's really wet. Keep us posted [This message has been edited by Steve Morgan (edited September 10, 2001).]
  6. Steve_Morgan

    Anybody using a hydraulic clutch?

    My Hebo has a lighter pull than stock, but I lost tons of bar space, plus the rubber seal on the adjuster tore the first day out. I've heard that Magura makes a hyd. clutch with a compression release mount, which would help the bar space problem. My previous GYT-R (Yamaha racing) standard clutch lever was the best option, with pin-bearings and a very smooth lever contour designed by the Yamaha racing team. It's pull was about the same as my Hebo.
  7. Steve_Morgan

    Flywheel removal

    My automotive large-size oil filter wrench fit perfectly...
  8. Steve_Morgan

    licensing 2000's or 2001's

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my buddy had his plate revoked two months after being issued by the CA DMV. He's got an '01 WR426 from Canada, with a "W" in the 8th digit of the VIN #. So the question is, what tipped off the DMV home office in Sacramento?
  9. Steve_Morgan

    Riding Tips

    Hi Robert, Wow, single-track in the forests of Brazil, you've got to post some pics for us! If top speed is not a priority, the 13 tooth counter shaft will help in the tight steep stuff. Generous amounts of clutch slipping & higer revs will keep it running, then you won't have to worry about starting in difficult situations. If it does stall, you'll often need to pull the hot-start briefly to get it going again. These bikes just won't chug along reliably like XR's. Some guys add flywheel weights for woods riding. My comp release is also below the clutch lever, but I've never hit it with my knee, maybe some taller bars are in order for you? My levers are straight forward (not downwards), and the comp release lever is underneath and also forward. I often tap the comp release when bump-starting, just don't hold it in too far or too long, it's actually depressing an exhaust valve. Steve
  10. Steve_Morgan

    Roadless Initiative: WE'RE LOSING!!!!

    Done... thanks.
  11. Steve_Morgan

    KX500 radiator cap

    No problems in two years of year-round riding dual sports, desert, and mountain single track...
  12. Steve_Morgan

    save your right to ride on federal land

    Thanks for the site! It took just a few minutes to send out 4 letters and to email alert several friends.
  13. Steve_Morgan

    Corroded Spark Plug Base

    I picked up a small right angle rubber vacuum fitting at a local auto parts store. Glued it into the vent hole with gasket sealer, with the nipple facing down. It totally keeps out the water when washing the bike. I've never had any corrosion with this setup, but I do get a little dust from the spark plug hole when I blow it out with compressed air. The rubber boot on the spark plug wire seems to make a good enough seal to keep the water out when washing the bike...
  14. Steve_Morgan

    CA. Land use issue

    Done. Easy cut & paste email. Thanks for the alert!
  15. http://capwiz.com/amacycle/index_frame.dbq?url=http://capwiz.com/amacycle/issues/alert/?alertid=39217&type=CO&azip=