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  1. Just put a FMF pipe on my WR250X. Let me know what you all think!
  2. bikesnwheelers

    How to clean oil cooler?

    I have a PWR Radiators/Oil Cooler on my bike and the oil cooler got filled with copper when the crank went south. Any suggestions on how to clean it? Thanks
  3. bikesnwheelers

    Need a Rear Wheel for a CRF250r-Help!

    I also have a few available.
  4. bikesnwheelers

    Snow Bike

    Selling the kit...who wants it ?
  5. bikesnwheelers

    Revloc Dyna ring ?

  6. bikesnwheelers

    Mikuni to Keihin

    Defiantly will do man!
  7. bikesnwheelers

    Mikuni to Keihin

    Just got a PWK Air Striker off ebay from a 99' for like $60 shipped!
  8. So I just picked up a Carb off of a 2000 CR250 for my 04 that I am using as a snowbike this winter. Does anyone have a base line for jetting on the Air striker in cold weather on this bike? Thanks!!!
  9. bikesnwheelers

    Snow Bike

    Yup, new the kits are around $3500 I believe for the Explorer and $4200 for the Radix by 2moto. I picked mine up used locally for $1200!!! Haha Hrc sounds good! Just a far drive lol.
  10. bikesnwheelers

    Snow Bike

    It doesn't feel much slower then a regular bike. The real test will be in deep powder however. The bike runs terrible right now, that's why I'm looking for a carb of the 00 because I found they are much easier to jet.
  11. bikesnwheelers

    Snow Bike

    Just threw my Ad Boivin Explorer kit on the 04 CR250. Hopefully gonna be a blast this winter! Crashed a couple times today cause we have like 3 inches lol. Anyone have a Airstriker off of a 99-00 forsale?
  12. bikesnwheelers

    08' Crank Questions

    Anyone else with a stroker?
  13. bikesnwheelers

    Airbox reseal

    Just took my 08' airbox apart a few days ago. You just remove all of the nuts and pull off the metal plate. Then you take the plastic piece out of the inside that the air filter connects to. Then the boot should just pull off, it'll take some work as it is glued.
  14. bikesnwheelers

    08' Crank Questions

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I cannot find a clear answer. The crank in my 08' just went and I am shopping for a new one. What brand is the best to get, OEM, Hot Rods, or Wiseco? They are all about the same price. I also found a 1.5mm stroker from Hot Rods for an extra $50 I think. I could definitely use more power out of the bike. How much extra HP will the 257cc get me? And will it be less reliable? I am pairing it with a new JE 13.5:1 Piston kit. Thanks!
  15. bikesnwheelers

    My MRD Pipe arrived

    Very nice looking exhaust, and bike!