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  1. The Grudge

    First time doing linkage bearings..

    If the needles are rusted and you can't clean them up to their normal chrome apperance then the bearings need replaced. They will continue to lock up and be more work than they are worth.
  2. The Grudge

    Veterans / Military Members ride DRZs

    Just clicked over 6 years in the ADAF.
  3. Just a quick update guys. I'm back home now from a much needed vacation and making some progress on the rest of the plugs. I'm doing a bit of playing around on the machine with some stainless to get everything down pat before I start cutting the Ti. I have a long weekend off this weekend and if my coolant and stuff shows up this week I should be in full business soon!
  4. The Grudge

    Sudco EMN Needle

    Mine did, yes.
  5. Oh ya, I sent out the two completed plugs earlier this week. Should see them on Saturday or Monday. I have a tracking number but need to find where I placed the slip...
  6. The Grudge

    Along time coming... (AKA Acerbis vs. Fan)

    Keep me updated on the brackets for this tank. I'm in the market for a larger tank and so far the Acerbis has caught my attention. It is the largest affordable tank I've seen so far. While it may only be .3 gal larger you can't be too sure in Alaska when gas stations can be sporatic at best.
  7. I have a 95 YZ250 I've been thinking about motardin'. This thread breathes new life into that thought.
  8. The Grudge

    Custom GPS Mount

    When do we get to see the pictures of your custom submarine sammich mount?
  9. The Grudge

    Custom GPS Mount

    The guys that make the money are those that come up with the ideas. The actual fab guys are not much more than pee-ons.
  10. The Grudge

    Custom GPS Mount

    That's a pretty sweet set up. I'm gonna have to copy your idea.
  11. The Grudge

    DRZ in the arctic

    I'm interested in seeing this too. I live way up north and ride in the winter but this guy sounds like he puts me to shame.
  12. We only have one type of filler rod. We don't weld a lot of Ti but I've never even put thought into what rod to use other than Ti. I don't think it matters at all.
  13. The Grudge

    F Winter .. Enough already

    I bet to many of us "global warming" would be hard sell right about now.
  14. I wouldn't suggest practicing your Ti welding on your $700 Yosh pipe. Not exactly the best way to go about it. lol I tried the plugs on my R6 exhaust today and I think the threads are a bit tight. I'm going to run the split die over them tomorrow to take a few thou off. We don't need these puppies seizing in the pipe.