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  1. mgentz

    my 04 crf250r keeps blowing up

    You use synthetic from the start? I would stop that.
  2. yep...scam. the deals on the street jackets appeared WAY too good to be true. However, if yuou know of a real place that I can get 60% off 2012 a* gear, pelase let me know.
  3. their jackets..particularly the gp-r are 60+% off! seems to good to be true
  4. www.motorcycleaddon.com the deals seem too good to be true. what's your thoughts or experiences?
  5. mgentz

    250R cam and jetting?

    I believe everyone raves about the 05r cam....I have the 08R cam. As far as jetting goes, you should have already done this, and you will need to redo it with the cam. Cams change valve timing but that timing can either increase or decrease volume into the cylinder. This volume needs the proper amount of fuel.
  6. mgentz

    Oil at head water drain hole

    hopefully not the spark plug...
  7. mgentz

    06 Sub Arm Assy(rear shock Linkage)?s

    R models are a different linkage. It will fit, but the rate is different.
  8. mgentz

    R seat and gas tank on X

    I mounted both of these to mine. I can say the tank is a bolt on, as long as you use the X tank bracket as mentioned. The X seat however gave me issues with fitment since the forward mounting point/support was too long. The X tank is bigger, both wider and taller at the tank. So...I bought a complete R seat. You will need to modfiy the pan to fit over the battery. I cut a rectangle out of the pan and sealed the foam/seat. 2 years later...still good.
  9. mgentz

    Front Brake doesn't work

    stainless lines and better pads
  10. mgentz

    Airbox modification?

    if you feel uncomfortable doing it...I have a modded box I can sell ya. No I didn't mess anything up, I went to an 08R box instead.
  11. mgentz

    Need a quiet stealth mod

    I'm sure you can fnd a baffle on ebay or from a member here....if you need it quieter, you may need to look into a Q4 or something.
  12. mgentz

    CRF450R Back Brake Problems!!!

    always replace the washers when un-torquing the bolt(s)....after all they're cheap so what can you really say?
  13. mgentz

    Front Brake doesn't work

    MC needs a rebuild most likely or something is clogging the hose. after all you say you have done these would be the only items i would check....
  14. mgentz

    Intermittent Stall

    yea...sounds like it runs out of fuel and then when you stop it gets to refill again....but does it die only when your at idle?