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  1. NewJersey

    Ouch! Good to hear you're OK.... Rib injuries suck... How's the bike?
  2. NewJersey

    Here are some more pictures… Sent from my iPhone using Thumper Talk
  3. NewJersey

    checking out the new field of dreams at New Jersey motorsports Park… This place is huge! Sent from my iPhone using Thumper Talk
  4. NewJersey

    My off road riding needs a LOT of improvement
  5. I don't really mind it... As long as it works well, I'm happy... I'm in a pretty densely populated area so if anything, I'll get brighter bulbs and a headlight modulator
  6. Why do these pipes come with plugs for the exhaust? I've had many bikes (all street) and bought many aftermarket pipes and non of them ever came with a plug... Why does seem they come with off road pipes??
  7. New Yosh, K&N & Dynojet stage 2 with 3x3 mod... Installed and running/looking Bad A$$!!! Other the stripping the screws out the float bowl (I curse philips screws!) and replacing them with Allen screws, all went fairly smoothly. The carb is a PIA to get in/out, so happy I don't have to do that again
    Track Day Fun!!
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    Track Day Fun!!
    Best Street Bike Ever!!!
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    Best Street Bike Ever!!!
    My First Supermoto! Only had it a few weeks now but I can tell you this... It's a TON of FUN!!!
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    My First Supermoto! Only had it a few weeks now but I can tell you this... It's a TON of FUN!!!
  11. Nice!! Love It!!! I just ordered it along with the Dynojet Kit Stage 1+2 and K&N Air Filter
  12. Nice price on that sucker!! I have a question, I have an 07 in Black and would love the Carbon Fiber... but is it really worth an extra $87??? It does look really nice on the Black DRZ: I'm guessing the only real benefit is that it's lighter... but is that enough to justify buying just so that it looks "Cool"??? I know, debates to be had in my own mind... but I'm new here and to the DRZ so I thought I'd get involved in something