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  1. FrankV

    FCR MX 39 Will this work? + advice please

    I am mxdude!, but I'm not allowed to say here, whether that will fit (I can't / don't want to do any promotional stuff here).
  2. FrankV

    FCR MX 39 Will this work? + advice please

    Some answers: - the mid body gaskets for this carb (with removable intake adapter) are not available. You can purchase the ones available, but you'll have to cut/superglue them in place and make it fit. It works though - choke top, hotstart below that. If they don't stay out, they're worn - this is the 1st gen FCR MC carb; only 2 vents on the side (the upper vents are closed) - you can not remove the ACV, but there's also not really a need to do that - carb has been blasted.
  3. What's the problem with the stock spring? You feel it's too stiff?
  4. FrankV

    Buying used fcr carb.

    The FCR MX carbs from that listing? Yes.
  5. It's 18.5 mm. It's usually the body that gets worn out, the wheels keep their original OD pretty long.
  6. FCR MX 39 from a KTM. The main air jet passage doesn't have a jet and has a fixed size of 200.
  7. I didn't install it, I found one with an overflow tube, in the end.
  8. FrankV

    KX450F fuel pump: interchangeable?

    Perfect - thanks a lot
  9. FrankV

    KX450F fuel pump: interchangeable?

    Thanks. So the 2012 and newer pumps will not fit the 2009-2011 tank due to the renewed orientation?
  10. Hi, Does anyone know if the fuel pumps from the several model years are interchangeable? I think so, as the OEM numbers only slightly differ, but I'm not sure: 2009: 49040-0037 2010: 49040-0037 2011: 49040-0048 2012: 49040-0711 2013: 49040-0711 2014: 49040-0711 Thanks
  11. FrankV

    PAIR valve & FCR carb

    Thanks for the reply guys! And thanks for the link. Yes, removing is an option, and it looks like it's the best option. But, theoretically speaking, if one doens't want to remove it, where can one get the needed source of vacuum? The FCR hasn't one. Can it be taken from the intake on the cylinder head, just as where you create a connection with the "13685-29F00" (union, intake port) to the petcock? I believe there are 2 nuts (one of which is used for the petcock).
  12. FrankV

    PAIR valve & FCR carb

    Hi guys, Could you help me with this: when the OEM CV carb is replaced with the FCR carb, where should the vacuum line which originally runs from the PAIR valve to the OEM carb, go to? Thanks in advance!
  13. FrankV

    Inside CRF250X muffler

    Great - thanks for your info!