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  1. schleppy

    More vibes after GSX muffler install?

    I cut up an old floormat I had sitting around and made two rubber "washers" to sandwich between the mounting tab and the bracket. It definitely made an improvement. The next step is to drill out the hole on the muffler (make it a touch bigger) so I can isolate more metal with rubber. I also want to put RTV compound on all the muffler joints. It's backfiring a lot more than it should, which makes me thing the muffler/muffler adapter pipe joint isn't sealing well enough.
  2. schleppy

    More vibes after GSX muffler install?

    That looks pretty good! Now I have to see if I can dig up some of those rubber bits. Think it could be anything else Rob?
  3. schleppy

    More vibes after GSX muffler install?

    I recently put a GSX muffler of my DR (Jesse's adapter kit, 160 DJ jet, airbox modded) and I swear the bike seems to vibrate more under acceleration. It feels like I can feel the piston movement a lot more. Am I going crazy? Could it be because the GSX pipe is "hard mounted" to the bike, as opposed to the stock pipe which was rubber mounted? Could I have a vacuum leak somewhere? Is there anything I could look for that would cause vibes? Thanks all!
  4. schleppy

    Supermoto wheels stock kickstand ?

    The stock stand was fine on my SuMo setup, until I tried to park on ANY sort of hill. The bike stood WAY too upright. Either cut+reweld your stock stand, or buy the Suzuki short one. You don't want to come out and see your bike on its side.
  5. schleppy

    Thinking of buying IMS footpegs? READ THIS FIRST!

    I did the same thing. I'm going on a year with the cheapo pegs and they've been great. The finish is still perfect on them too!
  6. schleppy

    Ready for exhaust need some guidance.

    I just installed a GSXR exhaust on my DR and it was 100% bolt on (and simple) with the kit from Kientech. Simple simple. It's very easy to rejet the bike. You don't have to be that handy to do it. Just get a fellow bike friend to help out. The Dynojet kit makes a tremendous difference in driveability too. It makes the DR A LOT nicer to ride, and is truly worth it. Surely a TT member must live near you that could swing by and help...
  7. schleppy

    Motard DR or add drz400sm

    I love my motard DR. Best of all worlds, and it performs really well on back roads (and even the highway). Motard the DR.
  8. schleppy

    Eliminating Fork Boots

    Thanks for the update! I checked them out and I think I may go with the setup that procycle sells. I don't really like the logo on the DirtSkinzs
  9. schleppy

    chain rust

    Sorry, I meant a scotch brite pad (couldn't remember the name at the time).
  10. schleppy

    Eliminating Fork Boots

    I'm glad I found this thread. Those Shock Sox are exactly what I've been looking for.
  11. schleppy

    DR 650 Toolbox Mod (pics)

    Nice setup you've got there. Good write up too. Welcome, and thanks!
  12. schleppy

    chain rust

    I've heard kerosene and some very fine steel wool (scrub GENTLY). I'd start with kerosene and a grunge brush though, that can usually take care of the light surface rust. Update: Scotch Brite pad, not steel wool.
  13. schleppy

    JET KIT-don't do it

    I've been running a Dynojet kit for a season now with 0 issues. Sounds like you need to start chatting with experts about what to do, not guessing.
  14. schleppy

    Pull the trig on a new DR650?

    See if you can score a used one first. There are A LOT of good deals out there. If not, the deal you have on the new one sounds pretty good...
  15. schleppy

    High Performance Mod....

    If anyone else wants any of the windy road stickers, let me know. I just had a new batch cut up, so I have plenty.