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  1. id250f

    reworking the '05

    I've got a ton of mods in my bike (MXA pepsi shootout Tokyo mods bike) ... I put a Rekluse in ... but beyond that, the Kouba lowering link was really helpful for tight woods negotiating (I'm 5'11 ... 200+need-to-lose-30-lbs).
  2. id250f

    tokyo mods

    I can't find the magazine off hand (and haven't opened up the motor yet) ... but i recall that it has the following: - high compression piston - Hot Cams - Tokyo mods carb - Tokyo mods engine breather tube - Ignition Map switch (current settings are super torquey, less top speed friendly OR good torque, but more top speed friendly).
  3. id250f

    tokyo mods

    i have the pepsi shootout tokyo mods bike from mxa summer of 2006 .... the thing absolutely rips. 52 rear sprocket ... and it will leave a 2007 yz450 like it's standing still (in-laws have the new yz ... ran 'em side by side in the so. CA desert ... yz450 pegg'd ... and my tokyo mods honda just keeps on pulling and left the stock yz in the dust ... way in the dust ... not even in the same ball park).
  4. I have an '05 with hot cams and a high compression piston .... the thing will not fire when sitting a few days (we've been in the teens to 20/30s for several weeks). The question: Do the rest of you cold blooded riders experience this as well? I guess i'm trying to decide if it's valves or just simply the cold weather .... i put an electric heater next to it for about 30 minutes today and then it fired after about another 15 kicks (whereas before it wouldn't fire after 10 solid minutes of kicking and kicking) ... so i'm guessing it's just the bloody cold weather.
  5. I'm 215 + plus gear ... haven't looked at anything just yet ... it has an FMF pipe on it ... can't believe how much get up and go this little bike has ... there was 1 in the paper for cheap, so i picked it up for my wife ( :smirk: ) ... there's some nipples missing out of the rear wheel ... I assume as I ride it I'll fold 'em in half ... is there a beefy 'er wheel setup I should look at?
  6. id250f

    Clutch problem Please Help!!

    that sounds exactly like my '03 ... cured it with a hinson clutch (or you can drill your own holes in the stock hub). a fly wheel weight fro DrD also helped tremendously. I still have my pics that show the diff. between the stock and hinson hub (as far as oil holes go): http://www.acsidaho.com/images/thumpertalk/Hinson_hub.jpg http://www.acsidaho.com/images/thumpertalk/Yam_hub.jpg
  7. id250f

    Tech 10's broke my foot

    I'm sure it's a combo of anatomy and the hardware on your body. I have tree trunks for bones and should have broken them many times .... my in-laws have broken bones many times with just simple little crashes becasue they're anatomy is much "thinner." I whiskey throttled and overshot a 60-70ft table top once (felt like I was 500 feet in the air plunging to my death) ... landed and pogo-sticked up on top of the next table top .... I was wearing the SIDI flex force boots (much stiffer soles and feel much more solid than my Tech 8s) ... no injury ... However, I think I have lucky anatomy (thick bones) ... so who knows how much of a role the boots really play.
  8. id250f

    Rekluse Clutch cover gasket needed?

    they're install instructions say not to use the gasket if you're using they're rekluse cover ... so i suppose if the aftermarket cover is the same specs as they're rekluse cover it'd be ok
  9. i didn't read the replies ... and you're probably not reading this anymore ... but I have a 99.3456% success rate. 1) Long tire irons are a must. 2) baby powder the tube ... put a smidge of air in it so it packs in the tire nicely. 3) WD-40 the tire bead so it slips on nice ... I've heard people fear degrading the tire when doing this ... but I don't run my tires for more than a year so I've never seen this problem ... and there are always plenty of wd-40 cans lying around. baby powder + wd-40 + long tire irons (lots of leverage) have been the key to my success.
  10. id250f

    Off Topic - for you street bikers

    i'm in 6th gear ... so maybe it needs some re-sprocketing ... or perhaps the tach is a 'bit off ???
  11. I ain't never ridden these here street machines before .... picked up an 1992 yamaha XJ600 Seca II for commutin' dirt cheap ... the thing red-lines (10,000-11,000) when I hit 65 mph .... is that normal? Am I gonna burn it up running it there for 20 miles each way a day? thanks
  12. id250f

    Rekluse Clutch cover gasket needed?

    they're in town so I ran down there and they hooked me up ... even threw in a free t-shirt for me and the boy
  13. There isn't one in the supplied parts on the clutch that just arrived ... so wondering if it was an omission, or if perhaps it's not really needed with the 05 honda ... any of y'all know for sure?
  14. id250f

    Why does my CRF450 not jump as well as...

    my crf 450 jumps better than my 03 yz450 ... and better than my 05 yz250 ... and the reason is my crf handles better so is easier to setup for the jump ... and it has so much more torque than the yz 250 it makes tight doubles simple. 4 stroke jumping is different than 2 stroke jumping as far as throttle control goes .... (as i'm sure you're well aware) ... and suspension setup is very critical to optimum jumping performance. It's amazing what a solid suspension does for riding confidence ... it's the best $$ spent on your bike by far!!! Make sure you're dialed in.
  15. id250f

    FMFQ or Q2

    i put the Q2 on mine (the gold-ish one) ... it says it's 96db ... and it passed the test for the enduro race here a 'couple weeks ago .... great pipe ... super quiet ... no noticeable power loss (for my riding ability) ... a 'bit pricey.