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  1. xtreme cr1o7

    Who's got the worst looking bike competition

    prepare to be put to shame, i have both a dirt bike and a quad that are crap then again i bought them both for 200 bucks soooooo also added my old trike and pitbike in. the quad might not seem too bad, but i donthave close up pics showing the custom fab plastic mount, the ugly tires, cracked plastic, white handel bars the list goes on
  2. xtreme cr1o7

    Whoops, another "is this a good brand" thread

    song choice in the video is ironic
  3. yeah, i thought the 250 would be a little much, ill keep my eyes peeled for a nice 125 or kdx, the big problem is convincing my dad to let me sell my bike again, and of course, getting someone to buy it
  4. I would love a nice 450 thumper (even a 250), but they are big bucks, and you just dont find too many for anything less than 3 grand, money which i dont have. what i do have is $300 and a ds80, i assume at best i could make 600 from the ds80, so thats 900-1000 (my dad would help out a little) now i have seen on CL some older kx250's and cr's. I dont particularly like pingers over the thumpers, but they are cheaper in bigger displacements. the ds80 was nice to get used to how 2 strokes deliver power, but its falling apart, and it just has no bottom end at all, i have to give it a push to get it moving. I do alot of trail riding, but i also do alot of road riding (just straight top gear blasts for miles). Now my question is, is a 250 too big for me? im 5' 10" 140 lbs, ive been riding dirtbikes for about 2 years, quads for 4 years. i have a great grasp on riding technique. i just dont want to get a bike that will kill me, but at the same time i dont want to get an 80 and then find it too slow. what confuses me is when i hear on craigslist "selling a kx125, my 12 year old has grown out of it" i mean wow lol from what i hear 125s are quick, how could you grow out of it at 12?? but if thats true, thats why i want a 250. what are your opinions?
  5. xtreme cr1o7

    pitster pro x4r or crf 150r for a pitter.

    a crf150r would not be a good pitbike, its ment to be more of a race bike, for your size it would be great for trails and mx, but if you intend it for a small yard or a small track, then you'll want a pitster pro
  6. xtreme cr1o7

    big bore kit or new bike? couple pics too.

    i know what you mean by the xtreme feeling cheap, it was a great bike as far as power went, i was keeping up with cars on the road, but the suspension was horrible, and i use the bike for trail riding, i just sold mine. as far as what you should do with the money why not save up since your happy with what you have, and then really trick out your crf. just remeber you will always want more speed later on.
  7. xtreme cr1o7

    1999 ds80

    well i may have gotten a deal, but im starting to think more and more that i have bought a kids bike......... ive been looking for a replacement for my pitbike, for about 4 months. and at first i wasnt getting any offers. the offers i did get, my dad didnt like... i almost traded my xtreme for an 89 yz80, and then almost traded it for a 2002 yz85. but i was told no on that too. i had also almost bought a ttr-125. well one day my dad says i found a good deal, i know someone who is selling a yz80 and a 110. we didnt know what the 110 was at that point. both bikes were being sold for a total of 700. so we went to get the bikes. the first comes out, its a beautiful 2005 klx110, all it needed was graphics and a new rear tire, i already predecided that the 110 was going to be for my brother. well the next bike comes out, and it was smaller than i thought, in fact it wasnt even a yz80 at all, it was a ds80, and it was so beat up i thought at first that it might be a really old rm80 or something. flat and bald tires, clutch dosent work (cant get it to disengage) no kickstart, no headlights, and other little things. well i cant sell the bike right away, and now tht im selling my pitbike i really have nothing else to ride. what do i do? i determined that after selling my pitbike and paying back my dad, i will have enough to get the bike ridable and thats it. is this bike really only a kids bike? im 5'7" and 135lbs, i ride fast trails and do lots of street riding. the bike seems like it handels me fine, i took quick races up the street and it seems better than my pitbike. can i make it faster and make it suitable for me as like a half step up from my pitbike, this is only my second dirtbike, ive mostly grown up on quads. what do i do? http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa213/foxstang89/ds80/
  8. xtreme cr1o7

    3 months to build and my TTR125 is done

    OMG wow what a bike, im getting a ttr 125, could you reccomend where to find parts, and what my first modd should be (i only have 200 at the moment)
  9. xtreme cr1o7

    1989 Yz80

    ive been told im not allowed to get a 2 stroke, so i decided to buy a 2002 ttr-125 from my friend for $800
  10. xtreme cr1o7

    1989 Yz80

    ahh, thanks man i started thinking about it and i did notice that. ill just get a ttr 125 or a klx 125, are those decent?
  11. xtreme cr1o7

    1989 Yz80

    huh used you said exactly what my cousin told me lol. well ive had ten people tell me not to get the yz so i wont. im selling the pitbike to the guy for 700, and im going to buy this ( http://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/mcy/519344699.html ) good deal?
  12. xtreme cr1o7

    1989 Yz80

    im considering trading my 2004 xtreme cr107 for a good condition yz 80 that was just rebuilt. guy is down the street from me. im 15 yrs old 5'7", and 135 pounds. i want something faster and slightly bigger, but i don't want a monster or a tank, something light i can whip out and throw back when ever i want here is the actual bike ( http://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/mcy/522505932.html ) i don't mind maintenance, i like fixing things just as long as im not dumping 300 a month into this bike, i can understand the yearly rebuild tho. i have 300 in cash to work with as well. i have no 2 stroke experience, any words of wisdom, adivce? and also does anyone know any good performance parts sites for this bike?
  13. xtreme cr1o7

    16" Off-Road Tyres

    16" pitbike rims, i want to see this
  14. xtreme cr1o7

    turbocharged pit bike

    if you really want some speed inject the bike with nitrous LOL
  15. xtreme cr1o7

    pitster x4 bogging out and some q's....

    your bike is probably very lean. as most chineese bikes are when stock, i recomend trying out some richer jet sizes. as for a lack of power jetting can make all the difference