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  1. nascarnate326

    Where to buy property in MI, trail friendly?

    We live down by 69/94 so I was trying for anything under 2 hours. Sand is fine. I will take a look at the areas listed above. Thanks for the replies !!
  2. Looking to buy a cheap piece of land up north (Newaygo, Harrison, close to 127 or 131 as possible that is close to some kind of trails. I want to get another XR100 and have a place to go camp with my family and ride play bikes. Anyone know what area would be nice or what countys are motorcycle friendly?
  3. nascarnate326

    2017 hydro clutch

    Does anyone make one? If so do you have a part number or link to purchase? Thanks in advance.
  4. nascarnate326

    2017 Reliability?

    Im 215 so I am way too big for a 250f but I absolutely love my 2017 KX250F. I abuse the hell out of the clutch but do keep it off the rev limiter. So far only issue I had was a fork seal- twice. Finally had my suspension guy replace them with SKF and I haven't had any issues since. I run VP fuel and have a Ti 4.1 muffler on it...LOVE it!
  5. nascarnate326

    2017 KX250F seat options?

    For replacement seat form I would look into Think! and Guts. I have used Guts and it was great, some times they offer a low seat if that was your goal. Otherwise either can get you regular foam in the stock size or a lightweight foam in the stock size but its a bit hard.
  6. nascarnate326

    Pics of your KX250F. *Do not post questions or replies!"

    2017 with D’cor Monster kit.
  7. nascarnate326

    250f gearing what do you run?

    I would consider running a fuel that has oxygen in it. Not to mention, is the bike in good mechanical condition to begin with? decent spark plug, valves, tires, chain, bearings, brakes not dragging, etc. Any rider with skill should be able to clear almost everything on a 250F. Also, if you think the 250f is slow ride a 125. really makes you appreciate how fast the 450 is.
  8. nascarnate326

    2017 kx 250f or 2018 kx 250f

    I was considering the same thing and went with the 17. I doubt I would be able to tell the changes between the 17 and 18. I put a FMF on so the exhaust changes were worthless to me. I love the bike.
  9. nascarnate326

    Sprocket weights!!!!!

    Stuck with renthal or get a primary drive which is a clone but 30 dollars cheaper.
  10. nascarnate326

    Suggestions on helmets

    After a concussion last year I will only use a 6D. I have two of them and love them. How much is your head worth? Even if you don't get a 6D at least get something with MIPS. Moto 9 and F2 carbon are popular and have good reviews.
  11. nascarnate326

    best tire for sand/soft dirt?

    The MX3S would be your best bet. Awesome tires.
  12. nascarnate326

    Cheap rims

    Tusk wheels from RMATV are $550. Had them on my Honda and loved them.
  13. nascarnate326

    '17 kx250f

    I have a 17 and like it. Get some radiator braces first thing because lightly setting your bike down will bend them. Set your sag. In my case the more the rear end squats the more I seem to like it. I tried black and white couplers ended up going back to the green, it seems middle of the road and best for me. I just purchased a pipe and 51 tooth sprocket but have not installed them yet.
  14. nascarnate326

    Breaking In A New Bike

    I rode mine for 5 min at home. Changed the oil. Then I took it to the track and rode it like I stole it. Great bike so far.
  15. nascarnate326

    Pics of your KX250F. *Do not post questions or replies!"

    My 2017 KX250F. Absolutely love it.