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  1. I fitted a PWK off of a KTM 250EXC to my 98 WR250Z, straight swap for the PWM in terms of fitment. Looked just like the YZ carb without the tps. It was 36mm compared to 38mm but runs an absolute treat.
  2. scoobydoo

    Update to 98 YZ shock

    The shock is the same as the YZ250 of that year, only spring rate is different
  3. scoobydoo

    Update to 98 YZ shock

    So, I am well on with fitting SSS forks to my UK 98 WR250Z (same chassis as US 98 YZ), got me thinking is there a better shock, and off what bike? A newer 250? Or would a 4 stroke shock fit? And is it worth doing, or should I have the stock shock revalved?
  4. scoobydoo

    97 WR250 and a 2002 YZ250 rolling chassis

    I’d put the WR engine in the 02 chassis, it’s the next generation
  5. scoobydoo

    Wr 500 thoughts...

    Here’s a nice tank for a WR 500 http://www.mastercross.net/accessori2.php?lang=it&m=HRP TANK ALUMINIUM/FACTORY&t=speciali&id=8813
  6. scoobydoo

    250x head

    What tank is that?
  7. scoobydoo

    06 YZ450 front end on 98 YZ250

    So, another update, 06 YZ450 forks have turned up and I’ve just had a trial fit onto my 98 WR250Z, brake caliper bolts straight up, stock 98 wheel, spacers and axle with 06 wheel spindle nut and it all lines up 🤩 brake line needs changing due to shorter route, need some 1 1/8” bars and lock stops to modify and I’m good to go. The stops are ok but only touch on 1/4” or so of the frame tab, have heard this can cause problems, any one know for sure?
  8. scoobydoo

    38mm Keihin Carb Jet missing?

    sorry, very true, got my Ks and Ms mixed up.......in my defence it's still early this side of the pond, and that looks like a POS PWM choke knob
  9. scoobydoo

    38mm Keihin Carb Jet missing?

    my advice is junk it and get a PWM before you drop a ton of cash into this one, the PWK will give you all sorts of issues and will cost you a ton in spark plugs!
  10. scoobydoo

    WR250Z suspension upgrade

    What year WR?
  11. scoobydoo

    Best YZ250 model years?

    Steel is real my friends!
  12. scoobydoo

    06 YZ450 front end on 98 YZ250

    so just an update for those searching this thread later, it appears that the forks and triples fitted to an 06 YZ450 are identical to those fitted to the 06 YZ250 in all but spring rates. Have bought the forks and will report back on lock stops and brake caliper mounting......
  13. scoobydoo

    06 YZ450 front end on 98 YZ250

    Thanks for your kind words about my bike, has been a labour of love to get it to how it is today, although it was a low hour bike when I started the restore. Raced one back in the day and loved it......you're right it is a keeper for sure. So, what bike did your SSS forks come off to work so well? Do you know the spring rate? And what oil and how much? Am keen to do the swap as the forks on that 16 were so sweet and I dont feel like dropping a ton of cash on the original front end to keep on chasing my tail.....
  14. scoobydoo

    06 YZ450 front end on 98 YZ250

    Did you have your 98 forks sprung and valved for your weight and use? Cheaper and faster to just set up what you've got. Since you're using the bike for woods, the OC forks you've got can be made to work great. I haven’t, we don’t have a load of options this side of the pond for revalving etc, just thought the later forks were that much better to be honest, can the early ones really work that well?