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  1. braindead0

    2019 500 RR-S BYOB BUILD

    I started by building BYOB with everything I thought I'd want. For each item I checked if it was available cheaper elsewhere, if so I removed from BYOB and left a link in my spreadsheet. I read threads discussion other items (pump gears, etc) and removed everything that I felt was unnecessary. What I'm left with now is front and rear springs (I don't want to get into the forks to replace spring, and rear shocks can be a hassle), high performance water pump (makes sense to get that installed while the engine is dry) and there are a few bits I haven't found cheaper elsewhere (yet). Agree that a lot of the items there are simply to generate more profit. The question is how valuable your individual time is. I love wrenching, but draining the cooling system on a new bike to install the water pump a bit...odd... As I live in the desert, ride a lot of very slow technical stuff cooling is a high priority. The manual override is hugely overpriced, I can do it for $0 with parts in my 12v electric bin. There are a lot of riders who don't have the skills/tools or desire. I think that's the primary market for BYOB
  2. braindead0

    2019 500 RR-S BYOB BUILD

    This thread is NOT helping me narrow down the options ­čśÇ
  3. braindead0

    2019 500 RR-S BYOB BUILD

    The current BYOB site has higher rate springs for front: .56 kg (250-269 lbs). Any further info on what sprockets are included stock? I know I'll need a 13t, but if they come with one already no sense buying..
  4. braindead0

    XR650L died

    +1 on fuel flow, or float level too low. Maybe vibration at high RPM's causing marginal CDI to cut out? Loose wiring on spark coil? Fresh spark plug?
  5. braindead0

    low compression after rebuild

    Still have the decomp 'out of the picture'? Are you sure your gauge is working properly? Maybe check on another vehicle? Personally never done a leakdown test, so I can't help you there. Good luck!
  6. braindead0

    Where to buy sprockets?

    XRSOnly lists 50 and 52 rear for XR600R '91 and up..
  7. braindead0

    smoking/burning up instrument cluster

    https://www.electrosport.com/media/pdf/fault-finding-diagram.pdf I'm not sure if electrosport products are good quality these days, I recall some problems in the past. However the trouble shooting flow chart should be helpful in tracking down your problems.
  8. braindead0

    low compression after rebuild

    If you have a CV full throttle doens't cut it, you need to hold the slide fully open or pull the carb.. just in case..
  9. braindead0

    Militia carb. Anything special?

    I'm running a TM40 on my XRL, works great. I would't get a 42 unless planning on heavier mods. Doesn't appear to have the adapters needed to join to an XRL, don't know what your riding or if it needs the adapters. Used CRF450 carb is a popular option, but it seems like a project sourcing/buying necessary adapters/cables/etc. I purchased a TM40-6 setup for XRL with all of the necessary stuff.
  10. braindead0

    1999 Honda XR650l carb problem

    Be sure to remove your floats and shake, make sure there is no fuel in the float... that will change your float level.
  11. braindead0

    Chain 15/45

    XRSOnly has steel sprockets, both front and year.
  12. braindead0

    Hungry Valley/Moon Rocks

    I don't know if they finalized, however all that's going to happen is some of the south access roads to Hungry Valley will be closed. The colony there apparently got tired of idiots. There are still plenty of ways into Hungry Valley and AFAIK moon rocks is still open. Easy access off Red Rock Road or Winnemucca Ranch Rd, if you're bringing a trailer I'd recommend Winnemucca Ranch Rd enter at 39.853891, -119.723782 that'll put you on the main road through the area, lots of places to drop a trailer. That being said, I haven't been up there yet this year. We had a very wet winter, roads may be in bad shape... You might want to check local resources (Reno4x4 for example) for current conditions before you come out.
  13. braindead0

    Buying a bike on Craigslist with just a bill of sale

    As of around 2007 Nevada state requires titles for dirt bikes. If the seller can't produce a title in his/her name, then tell them you'll buy AFTER they acquire a title. It's pretty cheap. If the bike has never been titled (I think you can do a VIN search for a small fee at dmvnv.com), then you can follow the procedure the seller should have done nearly 10 years ago. AFAIK it'll require a vin inspection, and a lot of waiting in line. As far as the D/S aspect, plating a dirt bike in Nevada is really easy.. Last time I checked you just fill out an affidavit that you've added the requirement equipment..pay some fees, get new title.. and done.
  14. braindead0

    Honda XR650L (2015)


    works for m
  15. braindead0

    Honda XR650L 2015

    works for m