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  1. XR250rdr

    Attn: El Dorado county residents

    Shut it Bob, raw water is where its at.
  2. XR250rdr

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    werd Flash memory has a write cycle lifespan. If in doubt throw the card away and buy a new one.
  3. XR250rdr

    Is a 5" kid too small for a 2005 Cr85 big wheel?

    He might be a bit short for it right now. Why not go look at it and have him sit on it?
  4. XR250rdr

    To Re-Plate or Not to Re-Plate

    Interesting thought. I haven't sent it out yet. I may get a second opinion.
  5. XR250rdr

    CR500 PWK 39 help

    If the reeds end up being the starting issue you also might find that needle is a bit too rich. You're one clip richer than the standard needle now with the same diameter. I found the standard needle to be a bit too rich at 0-1/4 throttle and the taper a bit too lean. Standard needle is CGJ, ended up finding DGL runs better.
  6. XR250rdr

    To Re-Plate or Not to Re-Plate

    I ended up having a local shop take a look at it and they felt the defect went through the coating. Its going off to be re-plated.
  7. XR250rdr

    CR500 PWK 39 help

    If there is a gap in the reed petals that may explain your starting issue. Mine becomes a bear to start when reeds are worn.
  8. XR250rdr

    To Re-Plate or Not to Re-Plate

    Thanks for the reply. Its not very deep that's why I'm unsure replating is necessary.
  9. 2002 CR250 that I've owned for about 5 years. I've put maybe 20-25 hours on the bike in that time. Previous owner put a Wiseco in it and I've never torn apart the motor until now. Looks like he neglected to drill the piston to lubricate the exhaust bridge. The dark area looked worse at first, but most of it came off with a Scotch Brite pad. The scoring in the cylinder wall above the exhaust bridge is pretty shallow, it won't catch a fingernail. The rest of the cylinder looks clean and has good looking cross hatch. This is the first time I've done a top end on a bike with a nikasil bore. Is this a situation where its best to replate or being that its not deep scoring it would be fine to replace the piston and go?
  10. I was thinking the 18th was this coming weekend for some reason. I will have my kid that weekend.
  11. So @bigbob this ride is full then?
  12. XR250rdr

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    I saw the video of the firetruck falling off last night. Hopefully they can get the road fixed quickly.
  13. XR250rdr

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    True, its been backed up to 395 all day today. Monday will be a shitshow
  14. XR250rdr

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    I'd love to get out and ride tomorrow but with part of I-15 S having washed away it will be a mess getting home. Not sure I want to deal with it.