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  1. mxmancr250

    2014 450sx fe starting problems?

    I turned the idle up. UST available in the KTM parts catalog I assume? Thanks!
  2. Back in 09 I bought a 450sxf and absolutely loved the bike especially the e-start! Tried something different in 13 and bought a crf450 and the number one thing I missed was the ease of starting on my KTM. My dealer got a KTM 450 sx FE and I just had to have it, thing is ever since the thing has been new, it has 28 hours on it now, whenever I unintentionally stall the thing I have a hell of a time getting it started back up. It will turn over a couple of times then clunk and stop especially if it is in gear, eventually it will fire back up but it isn't a time saver in a race situation. If I use the kill switch it starts right back up no problems but if I kill the thing in a tight corner or whatever it is a huge pain to get going again. Weird or normal on the newer machines??
  3. mxmancr250

    KTM 50sx vs 50sxjr

    My son is 6 and was racing a mini adventure but he is getting too big for it so I sat him on a junior sx and he was a little big for that so i just got him the sx but when I was looking at the class rules for our races only the junior is allowed in his class so he might be stuck racing in the open class with faster kids.
  4. mxmancr250

    KTM 50sx vs 50sxjr

    What is the difference between the 50sx and the and the 50 sx jr, is it just the suspension or is the sx faster than the jr?
  5. mxmancr250

    sxf hyd'c cam tensioner -3hp??

    According to the Dirt Tricks website it uses hydraulic pressure as well. http://www.dirttricks.com/timing_chain_tensioner.htm
  6. mxmancr250

    52 to 53 tooth rear how many links

    Yup, no need to add links, stock length works fine.
  7. mxmancr250

    Pc racing Pro seal?

    It goes where the air filter seals against the air box.
  8. mxmancr250

    1996 dodge ram 1500

    HA! 300 bux, that is just a little over half of what I have for a monthly payment on my Dodge! Pony up the 300 and never look back.
  9. I know how the guy feels, at least I wasn't cleaning my chain.
  10. mxmancr250

    is it worth it to do it myself

    If you only ordered a new rim you will need to have the hub and spokes removed from the old one and installed on the new one, that is tricky. Changing just the tire isn't too hard though.
  11. mxmancr250

    uhhh ohh. spoke broke.

    The nipple. I would try to put it back in before I ride if the nipple is still present, if not you risk exploding your rear wheel depending on what kind of riding you do.
  12. mxmancr250

    07 ktm 450sxf noisy

    Here are a couple of videos from the dirt tricks website. Stock cam chain tensioner: With the Dirt Tricks cam chain tensioner:
  13. mxmancr250

    popping tubes and a cracked rim

    Do you have duct tape or the rubber band around the inside of your rim? If not you might have a loose spoke poking your tube. It could also be the cracked rim.
  14. mxmancr250

    How much "play" should forks have?

    Your steering stem bearings are shot or the steering stem nut came loose.
  15. mxmancr250

    Interesting photo.......

    Yup, Pirelli sand tire. I have used one before, they rock!