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  1. I am trying to find someone who can help me tune my kx250 to run optimally. I have tried just about everything i can think of to get it to run great but it just doesnt have the top endit should. I wanted to bring it to someone who has alot of experience tuning a s stroke dirt bike. Does anyone know any shops like this? Thank you!!!!
  2. ill_caper

    Looking for advice-98 KX250 weak top end power

    That is a good question. I didn't actually re-build the motor myself. I had someone who worked as a factory kawasaki tech do it but that certainly doesn't mean it was done correctly. That is something I will have to look into. I have the service manual so hopefully the procedure for checking the timing is spelled out there.
  3. Hey Guys, I am starting to go a little crazy here so wanted to see if anyone could help me out or has had similiar experience. I have a '98 KX250 with probably about 15 hours on a fresh top end/crank, clean power valves. Here is some additional information: -New V-force 3 reeds - FMF Fatty exhaust and FMF shorty silencer. -brand new OEM Carb and I changed the jetting to 42 PJ, stock needle 2nd from top. 155 MJ and air screw 1.5 out. (I ride in New England at Sea Level) -13 F /48 R Sprockets -New Heavy Duty WIseco clutch and basket The bike runs great and is smooth it just does not have the top end of a kx250 that I remember. I remember riding them about 10 years ago and the top end was an awesome adrenaline rush. Now,like I said, it runs great and has good low-mid range but I can barely feel the 2-stroke hit I am looking for. I am running 110 Race gas with 93 octane to make ~ 97 Octane. Would this combination cause any issues? Any advice is greatly appreciated, I am going insane over why this thing doesnt have the top end power I am expecting from a 98KX250. Thank you in advance, D Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to see if anyone could help me figure this one out. I need to buy a new seat and would love to get a tall one. I found a complete tall seat assembly from sdg but its only for 99 model. Is there any way this would fit? I also was thinking about buying a new gas tank so if a newer model year tank fits and would allow the newer model year seat to fit, I could do that as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!! D
  5. Has anyone installed one? I am concerned about the clutch basket and whether it is a pain to install? Any pointers/advice? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, D
  6. ill_caper

    Help from anyone with a wr426

    He got it about a year ago. It was pretty much brand new( it has less than 100 miles). Its always started hard. It is completely stock. I know with my wr450, the stock jetting was horrible. I now have it so its perfect but it took a while. I just didnt know if the stock jetting on these were bad too..Im guessing the carb needs to be cleaned as well. Once again, any help is appreciated Thanks, D
  7. My buddy has a '02 wr426. It takes him ~40 kicks to start. What should he do for jetting to make it start easier?. I know about the JD jet kit, but wouldnt that only help mid-top. I dont think he wants to get the '03 cam. ANy suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, D
  8. What do you guys think is the best way to get these bearings? Order serperately from Yamaha or oem TT ( ~$110) or are there kits that would be cheaper. It just seems kinda pricey for just the swingarm/linkage bearings. THanks, D
  9. ill_caper

    Relay arm bolt

    I Was just wondering if anyone had advice on removing the bolt that holds on the relay arm in the swingarm. It is the bolt that is exposed when you take off the gray, plastic caps on the swingarm. I have been having no luck removing that bolt. I want to change out the bearings. It seems almost as if the bolt is stripped, but I dont think it is. I was guessing their is some trick to getting it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, D
  10. ill_caper

    Kill switch Question

    Does anyone know if a kill switch from an '03 YZ450f will work and be a plug in replacement for a kill switch off an '03 wr450f? Its $10 cheaper so I figured if they are interchangeable then I would save the $10. Thanks, D
  11. ill_caper

    WR450...Am I too big for it?

    6'5. Bike is fine height. I am coming off of an xr650r and I dont miss anything about it. I love my WR!!! Power, ergos, reliability. It has everything you need.
  12. I installed both of these today and was wondering if they would richen up the low throttle circuit too much. I havent had a chance to check the plug yet. Should I have only done one or the other? If so, which is more effective? Thanks, Denis
  13. ill_caper

    Question about Tie Downs

    I lost my good tie downs and cant seem to find anything but the el cheapo made in china ones at home cheapo. Ive checked wal-mart and auto parts stores. Does anyone know where to get good tie downs where the hook actulaly fit around the handlebars. Thanks, Denis
  14. ill_caper

    For Jetting Gurus

    It depends on which jets you need to change. For the main jet you can use a 17mm socket to take off the nut at tghe bottom of the carb and you can access the jet from their. For the needle you can do the same except on top of the carb. You just have to loosen up the clamps holding the carb on and rotate it enough to access the nuts. Indy knows alot more than me so his advice is definitely dead on. Him and NCmountianman KNOW the WR. I learend alot about the carbs from them.
  15. ill_caper

    For Jetting Gurus

    I put in the 170 mj today and it was much better. I also switched out the red needle for the blue needle 4th clip. Does that make sense. I just assumed that the blue needle was a little more rich so it may benefit me. It is so easy to change the needle that I could always go back if need be. I ordered the boyessen pump cover last night and I am going ot call sudco to order a 48pj, 120 paj and a 40 lj.This should be good right? Thanks again Dr. greenthumb . Im a big fan of the sensai-milia sp? as well.