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  1. SkiDaddy

    New member 2018 Ktm 300xc problems 2.5hr

    Try the optional half clip leaner needle in clip position 2. Worked well on my 2019 300XC.
  2. SkiDaddy

    2019 xc 250 vs 300

    I would be interested in hearing about the 2019 models specifically as well...
  3. SkiDaddy

    SXS or AXP Skid Plate?

    What's up with the 2nd layer of plastic under the linkage on the AXP?
  4. SkiDaddy

    Brock Creek AR conditions

    Just saw this thread. I rode today at Hot Springs and it wasn't too bad until about 11. I could ride Brock next weekend if we can start early?
  5. SkiDaddy

    Dangerous sport, need to warm up

    Was this on Saturday? I recall seeing a Freeride, then the bike was back in the truck very soon? Do you wear any boy armor? I compressed my ninth and eleventh vertebrae when 21 (55 now) and they'r easy to reinjure, so I wear a Fox Titan upper body armor rig. And an Atlas neck brace. I'll go over some pretty big logs and rocks but steer away from the big extreme endurocross at Brushy as it seems like too great a chance of getting hurt. Yeah, I know, pu**y. Heal fast!
  6. Since the forecast has changed to less than 20% chance of rain Friday I'm now planning to ride Brushy Saturday. I imagine most of the course can be retraced, will have to be careful where it crosses other trails. I did walk a fair amount of the course. IDK if I'll make it up that gnarly first hill but if it's fairly dry it may be doable. I saw a few good lines while spectating there.
  7. SkiDaddy


    Saturday at Brown Mountain.
  8. Weather is looking like it'll be a Brown weekend, which is too bad, I wanted to try most of the Battle of the Goat trails. Who's riding Saturday?
  9. Yes, strange it was reported closed. We rode it Wednesday morning, temps were great, soil conditions good.
  10. SkiDaddy

    Looking for some riding partners

    I'll PM ya next week. Spectating at Brushy tomorrow (Rode Brown Wednesday).
  11. SkiDaddy

    Looking for some riding partners

    Don't ride the single track alone...... The double track would be a good way to get somewhat familiar with Brushy, There's also the "Battle of the Goats" extreme enduro this Satarday, you could do some spectating.
  12. SkiDaddy

    Looking for some riding partners

    Nah, just riding, despite the heat. Didn't ride last weekend and I'm Jonesing.
  13. SkiDaddy

    Looking for folks that want to ride

    I'm riding Brushy this Saturday if the rain stays away enough.....
  14. SkiDaddy

    Looking for some riding partners

    I'm riding Brushy this Saturday if the rain stays away enough.....
  15. SkiDaddy


    I'm riding Brushy Saturday if the rain stays away enough.....