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  1. Bigbird

    2019 300 SE-F power upgrades?

    I am leaving for the Brunes Mill races and won't be responding to any rebuttal posts until Monday.
  2. Bigbird

    2019 300 SE-F power upgrades?

    I should also admit that I am the young one in this class, and have that advantage as I am a couple months away from 71.😁 And... hey I am having a lot of fun in this old fart class. Some really nice guys.
  3. Bigbird

    2019 300 SE-F power upgrades?

    I too was talking about power, not handling. Usable power across a wide range of conditions that translates to speed and control, not dyno or straight line acceleration power. There are many bikes that have this, Sherco is one of them. Once again, using straight line acceleration is not a good reference as I said before. As to '19 vs '17 Fe's, I currently ride with two individuals who are about 20 years my junior and both of them ride '19 KTM's. One a 350XCF and the other a 300XC. I have no problem staying with them in any of the rides we have done. That includes really tight woods riding and junkets to New Mexico and Colorado. You seem always to want to disparage the Sherco. I am calling you on this. Sherco is a damn good bike. I provided my real life info as a rider of a Sherco for the specific purpose of presenting a case that Shercos are equally competitive with all the other bikes seen at the races. At my age I really don't need or care to tout myself other than providing a reference from a credible source as to the capability of the Sherco 300 SEF-R.
  4. Bigbird

    2019 300 SE-F power upgrades?

    Not the best reference for trail performance. How many times in a tight off-road race do you hold it full throttle and for how long? I find my 300 SEF Factory to be a far better trail/race bike to my previously owned FE350. I am definitely faster and currently leading my class in the TSCEC races. I have won 7 races out of 9, placed second in one and didn't race the other. And... I win by over 30 minutes in each enduro. Full disclosure, I race against other 70 year olds. There are five of us who compete. I have raced A class for about 30 years through all the classes and age groups with a couple districts championships, some seconds in class and a couple thirds throughout the years. I have owned many, many bikes of differing Marks. I have the experience and results to make declarations about bike performance. The Sherco 300 SEF-R is a great bike to ride, is reliable, and is very competitive. The problems I have had have been small, few and considered in the range of normal issues on a bike that is raced and ridden frequently and hard. Pretty much the same as my previously owned KTM's, Husky's, and Husaberg's. The 300 won't make the same power as larger displacement bikes, but they come with their own disadvantages. Your choice. It's the same as would be in any discussion about choices in bikes using displacement as the criterion. This rant is because the brand, Sherco, deserves to have other opinions presented for consideration besides Weantright.
  5. Bigbird

    Sherco 2019

    Check Shercoforum.com .
  6. I too have used the Maxis I/T and Desert I/T. Those are some tough tires, and used to be my go-to tire when I lived in Arizona. I don't have enough time on the 525 to give you a full recommendation regarding tire wear, but it still looks new after about 15 hours. Again, haven't been using it on terrain that usually tears up tires. As far as handling, I would give the edge to the 525 over the Maxxis.
  7. I have one in 110/100 18 size on my '16 Sherco SEF-R Factory. I previously had a 525 Cheater, and before that a 505 Cheater on the bike. I put the regular 525 on for the summer to see how it works and plan to go back to the Cheaters when racing season resumes. I have been riding in dry, sandy/loamy soil conditions on the regular 525, and it works pretty good. Traction in acceleration and cornering is good. I can feel some loss of traction on steep downhills in soft-on-top-of-hardpack soil, but not alarmingly so. Wear is quite good, but I am not stressing the tire in rocky conditions. I plan on doing more rocky type riding soon, and we'll see how well it wears and handles that challenge. I think the traction advantage of Cheaters over the regular tire argues the Cheater use for racing and aggressive riding, but I am happily surprised at the level I am getting from the regular tire. For me it performs similar to the AT81. BTW, I am running 7 psi the the Shinko. I used to run 4 psi in the AT81, and I usually run 6/7 psi in the Cheaters.
  8. Bigbird

    Sherco 2019

    Damn! Based on my great experience with the '16 300 SEF-R Factory, this could be a defining bike.
  9. Bigbird

    '16 sefr300

    If you go to shercooffroad.com you'll be able to find a side by side comparison of the '16 to the '17 and should be able to extrapolate to the '18's specs for further comparison. I have a '16 Factory 300 SEF-R and bought it even though I could have had a '17 at the time. The deal maker for me was the CC WP fork which I prefer. Of course a '16 is a used bike so you have the wear and tear issue to consider, but my bike has been stone reliable and the best performing bike out of the box I have owned.
  10. Hawaii is like that. Lived there from '78 to '89. Many of the trails were tight with tree/bush canopies that would take your head off standing. Many times you were even forced to hug the tank to get clearance. When I went there I was a stand up rider, and learned to ride there with efficiency while sitting. I still ride predominantly sitting and have won a few District class championships. I subscribe to the philosophy of "Sit when you can stand when you must."
  11. Bigbird

    Awaiting new decals - cant wait to get them on

    Found the website on the graphics. Questions answered.
  12. Bigbird

    Awaiting new decals - cant wait to get them on

    Who is the vendor? Do you think they make kits for a 2016 SEF-R Factory? How much?
  13. This is a pic of my 525. 'Had it on since January. Six enduros in TSEC (Texas), five first place finishes and one second, plus at least one day ride each week. Terrain was mostly sand and sand/loam mix, but approximately 25% in rocky to very rocky terrain with technical hill climbs. I am not a spinner, I usually ride a gear higher and slip the clutch, if necessary, to maintain traction and momentum.
  14. Bigbird

    Sherco 300se OR GasGas 300ec

    TSCEC, 70 yo class.
  15. Bigbird

    Sherco 300se OR GasGas 300ec

    I recently purchased a '16 Sherco SEF-R Factory and my opinion is, it may be the most satisfying bike I have ever owned. Bought it from a Vet A rider who is at the top of his class in enduros, and I have placed first in my class in the five enduros in which I have competed on the Sherco. The only problem I have had was a leaky fork seal. The quality of build components appear to be of similar quality to KTM et.al. Over forty years of buying all sorts of off-road bikes and most recently (last 15 years) KTMs and Husabergs. I look askance at any statement that includes declarative absolutes such as "all" or "every" when used to criticize a brand when it is just one voice. Two of the Husabergs I owned did not have a kickstarter. Maybe luck of the draw, but I never had a problem with either's starting other than one dying battery on my FE350. BTW, I have lost a kickstarter on the trail on a KTM 300EXC I owned. There may be problems that reflect across a particular brand, but to me, it is how the manufacturer responds. Based on conversations with other Sherco owners, Sherco is above par at responding to problems with curative solutions. Not so convinced that other brands do as well i.e.: Honda valves, Ktm two stroke starters, suspension on a bunch...