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  1. gonzokx

    16' kx450f brake rotors fit on a 14'?

    The rear will work but the front is oversize.. you would need toget the right bracket to relocate the caliper. Hope this helps Ernie
  2. gonzokx

    2008 kx450f

    Hi All the kx450f are great bikes... I've had an 06,11 and now the 16.... loved them all...the 08 won't handle as the 16 or newer but as long as it's been maintained well it's a great bike for its time.
  3. gonzokx

    Will a 2016 slip on fit on my 09?

    No You would need different header and to modify the mount on the muffler.
  4. gonzokx

    2015 suspension settings

    Yes..it's normal When the pump is connected, there's the same pressure in the hose as in your forks, then you disconnect the hose the air in the forks stays the same but the air in the hose/pump loses pressure. Then when you hook it up again the pressure equalizes between the hose/pump and the fork.
  5. gonzokx

    Will a 2014 kx450f full exhaust system fit my 09 kx450f?

    Yes it will fit.
  6. gonzokx

    Where does this spring go?

    Looks like a heli-coil....
  7. gonzokx

    2011 KX450F losing coolant

    How much are you losing?
  8. gonzokx

    Chain sliders?

    The chain slider on my 11 kx450f lasted well over 100 hours and on my 16 I have about 50 hours and does not need to be changed yet (although I might change it to green one) On my 11 I used acerbis and it was still good when I sold bike.
  9. gonzokx

    Who has 2017

    The balance chamber is so small, that when you release the pump it loses about 10 psi ... I agree you should get the right spring... I use a 6.0 (I was 260lb when I bought it) and set my fork air pressures to 186 14 and 215... Definitely play with air pressures(free) before sending them off($$) .... Hope this helps Ernie
  10. gonzokx

    2006 KX 450 Excel wheels interchangable with 2017 KX 450?

    I'm running hubs from my 06 kx450f on my 16 kx450f.... Hope this helps Ernie
  11. gonzokx

    2016 KX 450 ECU remap

    Moto There have been some good reviews on the Tokyo mods remap...I've been thinking about trying it too. If you do let us know what you think..... even if it's in the spring. ... Hope this helps Ernie
  12. gonzokx

    2016 Gearing

    Thanks for the info.. Trying to decide if I want to do that. ..I have 4.1rct slip on and loudmouth intake system.
  13. gonzokx

    2016 Gearing

    How do you like the Tokyo mods map? Sorry for the highjack...
  14. gonzokx

    Exhaust from older models on 16-17

    Look at Mount bolt and hole....
  15. gonzokx

    Exhaust from older models on 16-17

    That sounds like it would work or you could cut an inch off of the front fender... The bigger problem is you would need to move the mounting bracket on the muffler... When I did mine I was able to drill a hole about a half inch forward in the rear mount on the muffler. .. and it worked..