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  1. Hi everyone, So ive been considering making my yz into a supermoto. I would not be doing a full streel legal conversion, so my question is with budget in mind what do i need hit the track? I read somewhere that you can run DOT tires on stock rims? Ive looked on ebay and saw a full rim set up for around $1000 is that necessary at first? My bike currentley has a oversized 270 front rotor and +9 flywheel.
  2. ekulb14

    How to mellow down a yz450f

    So i know everyone said it but i will again GET A FLYWHEEL yamaha makes a +9oz and its makes a world of difference, less stalling, smoother power, easier to control in slow speed situations. Besided springs that was the best mod ive ever done to my yz.
  3. ekulb14

    Fla boy possibly moving to Colorado

    Denver man. its great lots of tracks and clost to so many trails and such. oh 1 pro Mx track as well
  4. So ive decided to upgrade my 06 fender to a 12. Not to worried about that but i cant find thoes "Thumper Talk" fender decals in the store. Do they still make emm?
  5. ekulb14

    Money well spent

    valve puller
  6. ekulb14

    DIY rubber mount bar clamps for 06 yz450

    yes im sure they could be converted, if you like to tinker with that sort, but im gonna go out on a limb here and say some pillow tops are a easier fix , maybe fast flexx bars if you want to spend a lil to fit the problem with out any milling.
  7. ekulb14

    Gear weight

    25 lbs is average, that what i add when setting sag (if im too lazy to kit up). boots 10 helmet 5 neck brace 5 ect... it all adds up. if you are trying to save weight vented gear espically pants are something to look into there is a lot of hidden weight in pants with leather reinforcing.
  8. ekulb14

    Under pants protection

    +1 on the inline hockey pants, ive been preaching about these things for years.
  9. ekulb14

    Knee braces ? Insurance?

    hi, everyone was just wondering who wears a brace,any pros/cons and what is the best one to look into. ive seen the Astrix and POD any others... and dose anybody have any info on getting medical insurance to help with the bill, thanks guys
  10. ekulb14

    Engine ice VS regular coolant?

    Its not worth it. sorry its just not. For the average dude and stock bike there is no gain. On a personal note i did run it once left the half empty bottle to sit a while and weeks later there are small chunks of white something... not claiming they are harmfull but still i like my coolant clear and green.
  11. ekulb14

    An old friend reappears

    its a small world, but nope all of my bikes have been sold and never been seen again, Expept for the last yz450f my brother sold. I went riding the weekend after he sold his bike , im riding at the local track and boom there she was scaring the pants off her new owner. i do have a habit of checking ever CBR600rr i see to try and find the one that i sold a couple years back.
  12. i was not up there on the 4th but glad to hear you are ok. that sounds really serious hope u make a full recovery. And props to all riders who stop to help someone in need.
  13. ekulb14

    Step up seat

    half a bar pad (free) under your seat cover held on with ehh what ever really.
  14. ekulb14

    where do you spend your dough?

    yep i think monster adds what 2 hp per sheet you slap on. and redbull is pushing 3 per sticker. honestly i would say go for suspension first, then some bling, then engine parts. Most guys are not using all the power they have anyway, so it is best to get that power to the groud, ie suspension. Then lets face it haveing a fresh graphics kit always looks good in the pits and we all know mx is as much a fashion show as a skills demo these days.
  15. hmm yeh just a quick read but i would also tell you to shelf that carb and buy a "new" one. Anther place to investigate would be the ecu but you seem to have covered that.
  16. ekulb14

    Gorilla Glue

    umm yes, wet enviroment and glue are no bueno, second gorlilla glue is not grip glue see the difference . And on a side note save your cash and apply all grips with some hair spray. dries fast no ooze and geneally works great.
  17. hmm something poped up here a while back about this same thing. I Think that op was worried about water getting to the gas after washing, i would try talking to them as i believe his 14 just grew out of it, or he did something to it...but dont feel alone on this one its happening accross the country http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1091080-2014-backfire-and-missing-then-running-fine/?hl=%2B2014#entry11702498 not exacley the same but something to start with he replaced the Intake "Pressure" Sensor.
  18. ekulb14

    Yz450f CDI year compatibility

    yeh greyracer is right they will fit all over thoes years, most people go for a 06 map because its the best
  19. ekulb14

    07 yz450f head gasket difficulty

    ok so umm wait, your leaking coolant out of the radiator cap after it builds pressure. just replace the readiator cap im guessing the o ring just went bad. there is no need to replace the head gasket unless im not reading your post right.
  20. ekulb14


    powerbands are clearley installed wrong, you want the 2 red ones then the blue on top. sould like a carb issuse has the bike sat a while(like over winter) most likley a pilot jet is clogged and your starving the engine of fuel. Could hope for a easy fix and run some seafoam or other carb cleaner through and pray it was just a little bit of junk, after that you will need to have the jets cleaned.
  21. ekulb14

    dirtbike + fishing = good time

    cool day man. getting out there and combining passions, making me look lazy just draging my ass to a track haha. and honda power no ones going to steal a bike in the middle of the woods with the owner right next to it fishing....
  22. sure a 125 will pick the front up and launch you over a couple mole hills, playing is playing 2 strokes are great for that. But if im trying to make a run at a rhythm section going up hill my 450 will be under me all day long. Nothing like the power and smooth pull a 4t gets ya.
  23. ekulb14

    In need of a slip on exhaust or tip.

    forget the idea of a tip, its just a easy (not that cheap) fix. If you are serious about riding invest the $250 in a slip on and have fun. As for what one... depends a lot of price point but FMF is always a solid contender. RM will over night that baby for like 20 bucks so if you hussel you should have a day or 2 spare. and hey fellow CO riders what up
  24. ekulb14

    Overheating in a strange way.

    not 100% sure but that dosent sound like overheating issuse. maybe something worse but i have no idea where to even start. im assuming ur coolant is full? and no carb/ engine work was done recentley?