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    Dirbikes, cars Guinness, 80's New Wave, and Punk, not necessarily in that order.
  1. CoreyClough

    LA2B2V Thanks

    Sure you all can read about it, but actually going on one of these events is a complete blast!!! If you've never gone, you'll never know. Seems like just a few months ago whhen I went, bu it was 2003, and you know, that sweatshirt I bought still holds up after all of those washings!!! I need to do this one again, and again, and again...
  2. What's the count for this years event so far?
  3. DO NOT USE RAIN-X ON GOGGLES!!! This will leave spots on the lense, and the bottle specifically states "Do not us this product on plastic..." I had to buy new lenses after using it. Good luck with all of you going, and Kieth? Behave! No dancing on the tables this trip, OK? Remember you wouldn't want to embarrass Chris on his first outing. Boy how time flies...LA-B2V 2003.
  4. CoreyClough

    Cross Country Trail Ride

    I would have to agree, that is one original video. Nice work there.
  5. CoreyClough

    Trip to Mt Gramos

    Nice shots, but if you have these in an album on photobucket, then you could post a link to it, and it could be viewed as a slideshow. Just a little 411 here.
  6. CoreyClough

    Nj Offroad Video

    Excellent video, and a testament to the hand gaurds. Hearing them crack against the branches was a nice touch! Thanks for posting it.
  7. CoreyClough

    D2....The video

    I was smiling watching that whole video. You tell him, he gets a big thumbs up from me!
  8. CoreyClough

    Loretta Lynn's Northeast Amateur Regional Video

    Once again, another cool video.
  9. CoreyClough

    MX video from local track

    Those are some great videos, and nice work with the camera too.
  10. CoreyClough


    www.imagestation.com lets you adjust more picture quality, but www.photobucket.com seems to be more reliable, but only lets you shrink and rotate 75%, 50%, and 25% from original. I'd load it on Imagestation, and then save it to your computer, and host it thru photobucket. There must be an easier way, but I'm old-school, and do it the hard way.
  11. CoreyClough

    TT Video Awards

    Nice video there trav! Let me tell all of you, that each of you have some great talent on the track, and also putting together these videos. I surf this section, and like watching them, no matter how short or long. Keep posting them!
  12. CoreyClough

    Motoclown Sweeping the World !

    I though I saw that bike get some air, but I think it was just "gasping" for air instead! Nice videos!
  13. Maybe he's doing a temperature check? That was funny!!!
  14. CoreyClough

    One LONG Lap of Nurburgring with Hans Stuck

    Thanks! I like to proof-view my threads for spelling, and workable videos!!! I still watch that clip from time to time... Music to my ears!
  15. Load this Video, sit back, and turn up the volume. Before it ends, you'll find yourself leaning in the corners just like I did!!! www.dgtalpimp.com/m3_gtr_nurburgring.wmv