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  1. It means the ballast outputs AC which is a must for bulb life. All ballast take DC in, some take both AC and DC. H4 bi-xenon is a very good light, probably the most poweful option there is without completely blinding the other drivers. Of course it needs a decent reflector, but most H4's are pretty good.
  2. Fan does not fix the heating issue, but jetting does. I would start with just turning the fuel screw and if that is not enough change the pilot jet to size or two larger. Afaik jd kit does not come with a pilot jet just mains and needle. Needle helps some but idle jet a lot more if you ride slow.
  3. gravelfreak

    Is there a new 250 Honda coming out?

    What is wrong with honda? Now they release a dual sport which can not even go highway speeds, nobody cares how long the engine lasts unless you live in india and bought it for $1500 new (which should be the price everywhere to match the specs). I commute daily on an exc, have done so for a couple of years, snow and summer, day and night. I'm sure you could do it on a crf230l, but i really would not be looking forward to waking up every morning just to go to work. The 250L could be ok commuter but IMO the price is too high and needs supermoto tires, knobbies make city driving dangerous and rest of the bike is not really up to serious offroad either.
  4. gravelfreak

    Gear ratio..

    Depends what you want, but 15/45 is ok for normal road use. Anything lower and first gears will be useless.
  5. I fixed my flat issues with this http://www.trelleborgtyres.co.uk/t_lock_concept.htm IMO better than tubliss, yet you can convert tubliss into this. I like the peace of mind when I know I can always ride home, in a way or another.
  6. Shift shaft is easy to remove and you could even hit the bearing from the other side, but blind bearing puller is a good idea too. I have a pair of damaged cases and I removed all the bearings but those two because they were so damn thight. Should take another look at them to know if you can pull it out from outside. Is it absolutely necessary to change the bearing?
  7. Ok I suppose they are defect and will return the jets.
  8. gravelfreak

    500 XC-W = 250 SX-F slip on?

    In older models stock cans did fit and why not now? Stock cans are very cheap at least here btw., sx can is good and relatively quiet.
  9. No one knows? Should I warn the seller about this not to sell them for everyone as they do not work, or are they just intended for some other carb?
  10. I just bought a bunch of keihin main jets from a local supplier and bike did not run at all above idle. Turned out the jet inner diameter is smaller and needle goes inside it on idle and just above idle. I was not aware there are different kind of hex main jets? New ones on the right, measures are identical and they even got keihin logo (unlike some aftermarket ones). New one in the middle, can not really see but the hole is about 1.83mm, others are about 2.05mm. I am not sure if these are genuine keihin jets or not, but is fault at manufacturing or are they supposed to be that way and meant for some other carb than FCR-MX?
  11. gravelfreak

    Promoto billet end cap for 500 XC-W?

    If you want more noise and marginal power gain why not just cut the stock exhaust to fit your needs? Or pay a lot for aftermarket can and have a lot more noise and marginal power gain?
  12. I've been looking for a 3-phase regulator/rectifier which would work properly in a batteryless system because it seems that normal reg/rect. are not able to work without battery because they can not adjust the voltage proportianally. They are only able to be "on or off", which with a battery is ok, as soon as voltage goes down they turn on and when charged they are off. In a batteryless system this works as soon as stators power output is minimal and voltage stays below 14.4V or so. As soon as revs go up it stops outputting any power. Now are there really any units which would work flawlessly in a batteryless system? Currently I use a small (about 1Ah) lifepo battery but I'm afraid some day it will go empty and die and would like to get rid of it. Also similar single phase reg/rect. would be nice. Does anyone understand how they actually work? One interesting thing would be a capacitor which would act as a buffer and the on-off switching frequency of the regulator would be rather high but that's ok. Has anyone tried this?
  13. gravelfreak

    Baja Designs Squadron KTM kit

    Not much I guess since those are very popular. Don't know about the quality, but as long as they have good emitters and casing is ok it does not really matter since rest of the stuff is rather simple. Not all the american products are top notch either... But sure am interested what BD can offer.
  14. gravelfreak

    Baja Designs Squadron KTM kit

    Sounds just like this? http://24x7diy.com/product_info.php/products_id/206
  15. gravelfreak

    Are We Screwed?

    If you ride a lot (or even race amateur but no more than that) buying slightly used makes sense, it does not make much difference if a "dual sport" race bike has 100 hours on the clock if you will be putting 500 more in a few years anyway if the price is right. But trail and track riding does wear the bike out quickly, not the engine but all the other parts are just shot and quite expensive to replace. And the race bikes are the most durable kind, a more dual sporty bike would just fall into pieces while just thinking of jumps and bad trails.I have a couple of rfs's which I now use as spare parts bikes and all the parts start to be loose. It just does not make any sense trying to maintain 100% condition when pretty much everything needs to be replaced to be reliable enough on the trail. But they still make a great road bike, it is funny how you can put thousands of miles on the road, and the first bad trail at high speed and everything falls into pieces Or take it to supermoto or ice track and the engine explodes...