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  1. ET

    Claer Creek Rangers With Attitude

    Skeeter, Times have changed at Clear Creek. William is gone and the new regime will write tickets and ask questions later. They are not our friends like William. Bottom line is - they are cops and are going to enforce the rules and write tickets so they can prove to the environmentalists who want to have Clear Creek closed that the BLM is "managing the area". Unfortunately written tickets is one measure of how well they are managing. I have no sympathy for your friend who did not keep his registration current. Green sticker funds help to keep our riding areas open and are a cost of enjoying our sport. My understanding is that you can not transport an unregistered vehicle on any public road so it would not matter if you had entered Clear creek or not. The BLM rangers are also deputized by San Benito County to enforce the law outside of Clear Creek so they can write you up for DUI and other offences on Coalinga Road. So beware as you could be stopped for a tail light being out.
  2. ET

    Clear creek Weekly Pass

    Yes, if you ride out of Rambler's camp you would still need to go to the Clear Creek entrance to get a pass.
  3. ET

    Clear creek Weekly Pass

    The BLM started charging a fee to use Clear Creek. It is $80 for a season pass or you can buy a weekly pass that is good from Wed. thru Tues. Weekly passes are $5 for the transport vehicle parking and $10 for each OHV. Children 16 and under ride free. Makes for an expensive one day trip. To expedite the process of getting a weekly pass when you arrive at Clear Creek I would like to make the following suggstions. First, bring exact change because the BLM people can't make change (easily). You will need $5 for the yellow envelope for the parking pass for the transport vehicle and $10 to put into each white OHV pass envelope. You can pay by check or by credit card. If using a card you will have to fill out a form with your personal information and credit card number. If it were me I would bring cash or a check. The BLM requires that you fill out information on the envelope including the green/red sticker number so write down your sticker number on a piece of paper and stick it in you wallet so you don't have to get out of the truck. If your bike is new and you haven't received a green/red sticker yet from DMV, then write down your VIN number. Bring a pen with you to fill out the envelopes. Bring additional pens if there are more than one person. Most of the BLM pens disappeared during the day so BYOP. When you have finished filling out the envelopes, tear off your receipt and make sure you get the weekly sticker for the bike out of the white envelope. The yellow receipt for the transport vehicle should be displayed on the dashboard of the truck once you park. The busiest times were between 8:30 and 10:00 so if you can get there earlier there should be less of a wait. Better yet, get a season pass and just drive in. Of course everyone in the truck will need to have a season pass or you will have to stop.
  4. ET

    Clear Creek?

    Globalwarmer is correct and it will cost you $5 for your transport vehicle and $10 for each OHV. With the new fee program I would expect that there will be a ranger checking green stickers and spark arrestors at the entrance station.
  5. ET

    Last free week at Clear Creek

    The Ramblers have to follow the same rules as everyone else. I will be buying a season pass and have encouraged all other SRMC members to do the same. If a Rambler brings a guest who does not have a season pass, then they will have to stop at the entrance station just like everyone else and buy a weekly pass. AgoosSS, I believe that park rangers will be working during the week and can sell you a pass. Another option is you could call the Hollister office and ask them to mail you the registration forms that you could mail back with a check. For those entering from New Idria without a season pass, I suggest that you call the Hollister office, ask for Lesly Smith, and iquire about parking and riding over to the entrance to get your pass. The BLM is trying to discourage parking on the New Idria side and will not be installing an Iron Ranger for fee collection on that side.
  6. Starting Jan 2 you will have to pay to ride at Clear Creek. There are several shops selling season passes but the daily/weekly can only be purchased at the main entrance to Clear Creek. Information about the fee program can be found at: http://www.salinasramblersmc.org/Clear%20Creek/clearcreek.htm (Dec 16) and in discussions at: http://www.southbayriders.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48617 Bottom line, buy a season pass if you go the the creek a lot. If not be prepared to sit in line to buy a weekly pass at the entrance station. A season pass is $80 and covers a transport vehicle and 2 OHVs for the entire year of 2008 (when CC is open). A weekly pass (Wed thru Tues) is $5 for the transport vehicle (Pick-up, motorhome, etc.) and $10 per OHV. Children 16 and under do not need a pass.
  7. ET

    Anyone been to Clear Creek

    Information about the fee program can be found at http://www.southbayriders.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48617 $5 for transport vehicle and $10 for each OHV. Pass good for a week from Wed. to Tues. Or you can buy a annual pass for $80 that covers the transport vehicle and 2 OHVs.
  8. ET

    Anyone been to Clear Creek

    Fee won't start until Jan 1, 2008. Tickets are being written for riding off of the main roads on the KCAC property near the paved road and the white gates, AKA the Lumps. The airplane loop is closed until the BLM opens new routes to replace the routes on the KCAC property. More information about the EIS process can be found at http://www.southbayriders.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=107
  9. ET

    Save Clear Creek Fun Ride!

    We will have guided rides by skill level. For instance, lets say you a B enduro but don't know Clear Creek, we will attempt to match you up with a club B rider and ride trails that are technical but not killer. If you want to be a real hero, then you can ride with Jordan Brandt. Good luck. He is too fast for me.
  10. ET

    Clear Creek Closures & Public Meetings

    The san Jose meeting is this coming Thursday evening at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library starting at 6PM
  11. ET

    Clear Creek Closures & Public Meetings

    Coalinga meeting is tomorrow night and San Jose next Thursday!
  12. ET

    Clear Creek Closures & Public Meetings

    More information about the planning process may be found on the Salinas Rambler web site at: http://www.salinasramblersmc.org/Clear%20Creek/2007EIS.htm We do need a good turnout at these meetings!
  13. ET

    The End Of BigBoober is near

    Since we're counting, 31 years, 1 month. Bob, Congratulations! How about bring the bride down to the Creek for our Halloween fundraiser for Jordan Brandt's ISDE. http://salinasramblersmc.org/Jordan%20Fundraiser/2007Fundraiser.htm I might be able to take you on some rabbit trails!
  14. We need people to show up for these meetings.
  15. Don't know if this has been posted before. Just got this from Don Amador of the BRC. Best news is the elimination of the ohv commission from the grants process: SB 742 Highlights Projected SB742 OHMVR Program Budget: $75million/yr. Budget increase from current $62million/yr. to $75million/yr. comes from increase of green sticker fees and use fees at SVRAs Projected Grant Funding: $25.5 million/yr. Funds that would be available for grants such as funds for county OHV parks Forest Service and BLM OHV recreation areas, etc. There is a $25 increase in the green sticker for a two year license. It will be $50 for two year license. The Commission will have two more Governor Appointments for a total of 5 appointments meaning any Governor will have control the Commission like Governors do on 95% of all other Commissions and Boards by virtue of his appointees. The Commission will become advisory in nature (like other similar commissions in the state or Forest Service or BLM Resource Advisory Councils). The Division will approve grants (FS and BLM also have this executive branch fiscal authority) using new regulations and a scoring method will be developed by user stakeholder groups. The Deputy Director will not be involved in the scoring. There will be an appeals process to the Director of Parks if the applicant does not receive the grant. This will not hold up the majority of the other grants. There is a 10-year sunset on the program. With the fee increase the Grants Program should increase to $25.5 million next year. 50% of all grant funds will go to operations and maintenance and trails 25% for Restoration projects. 20% to law enforcement. Of this 20%, 40% will go to local law enforcement, 30% to BLM and 30% to USFS in non competitive grants. 5% will go to safety and education in separate programs. Both O&M and restoration grant funds will roll over to their respective pot for the next year if they are not all spent during the year. They will be available for spending the following year. The bill does not touch or mention county in lieu funds that counties currently receive. Concerning the $14 million remaining in the conservation and enforcement source account (CESA) for restoration projects, 40% of the funds will be used to complete necessary route designation and implementation on USFS and BLM lands. The remaining restoration funds will be spent at the rate of $1.1 million per year for restoration projects through the grants process. When these CESA funds are gone, the CESA account will disappear # # #