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  1. velocityjunky

    2012 crf250r hard to start when cold

    Mine has done same worse if air temp is cold below 40 Id look at valves but suspect they are good with low hours, mine are fine Maybe a ecu remap if its never been done
  2. velocityjunky

    The 150 Club

    Bike is stock 12 150xc with the 36mm pwk i ended with a 45 pilot which is big, and im in colorado at elevation (usually i lean the pilot one step)
  3. velocityjunky

    The 150 Club

    That was what i thought and I started there, needle richened up but didnt cure bog i couldnt get it to pull higher gears under load without bigging. I thought that it was a small bore trait and i just had to ride around it.....so i tried a lectron which fixed that issue but i didnt like other aspects...went back to the pwk and jd jetting to see if i could resolve it.....still bogged until i started bumping up the pilot Bike rips and pulls a heavy load even in a taller gear im super happy with it
  4. velocityjunky

    The 150 Club

    Go up 1-2 sizes on the pilot jet cured mine completely. If you look up slavens throttle whack bog video its the same principal....on the smaller bore bike it wasnt showing up on the stand only when riding under load. at least this was my experience
  5. velocityjunky

    What kind of rider races a 150?

    The linkage and CC forks would be the bigger factor for me
  6. velocityjunky

    What kind of rider races a 150?

    The best thing a bout the small bikes is the lack of spinning motor mass. The larger bikes, even 2t 300s, seem to push themselves around more on the trail. The small bores just seem to stick where you put them. On the 150 you can take serious liberties and make up time where on other bikes it would be too risky. Jump into a blind corner rut, rail an off camber sidehill turn, keep it pinned over a blind rise.....you can manhandle the 150 and it stops and changes direction so fast you can adjust very late and make it stick. Im sure very good riders have the muscle memory and technique to do these things on the bigger bikes, but for me as a hobby B rider the 150 makes it much easier and i feel like a hero
  7. velocityjunky

    What kind of rider races a 150?

    Im 180lbs and race enduros in CO, NM, WY, and TX have run a 250f for the past few years, and do ok in the B 30+ class also have a 300xc and a 150xc in the garage. I feel the most confident on the 150, as long as the trails don't get too technical. Grunting up boulder piles is not what it does best the tighter the trail and if the trail awards the ability to carry higher corner speeds the 150 shines Im planning on racing the 150 next year, mostly because it is a ton of fun (which is not what you wanted to hear) But I feel it wears me out less and I can ride it at 80-90% for way longer than the other bikes.....however you HAVE to ride it like that in order to make good progress all of this is at elevation and the 150 has what it takes.....I think at low elevation a 300 would wear me out where the 150 would have plenty of power that you can keep pinned all day
  8. velocityjunky

    WTB rekluse e-axle

    Anyone have an e-axle for sale? Thanks
  9. velocityjunky

    Anyone ridden Berthoud yet

    Do the let bikes on the sxs track? And if so is it fun?
  10. velocityjunky

    Albany Wyoming riding/camping?

    Is Albany open yet? And yes to the above....not aa level stuff but surely not for beginners
  11. velocityjunky

    San Rafael Swell

    are there trails for the Razors on the southside of the highway or is that more a north side thing? Thanks
  12. velocityjunky

    Utah San Rafael Swell

    I have never been to the swell but have ridden rabbit valley, white wash and moab. we are planning on heading out there mid april with a handful of bikes and maybe 2 RZR's I see that devils racetrack/eagle canyon loop is a good loop for the RZRs....is it fun on bikes? and also the colored trails and waterfall to the south of the highway look great for dirtbikes....... but is there anything for the RZRs to ride down there? are those 2 areas close if the group wants to split up? hard to tell by the maps Ive seen. Thanks in advance
  13. velocityjunky

    Rampart spring 2016 ground conditions

    I agree that the early spring closure sucks...... but lazy they are not. they have given us MILES of new singletrack over the last few years and the new reroute of 679? is awesome (one of my favorite trails out there now). new trails take an enormous amount of effort....I wouldnt be so quick to slander a group that has been doing great work for our recreational enjoyment.
  14. velocityjunky

    300 slide

    I swapped slides in my YZ250 and it made a huge difference to off idle throttle positions. I recently got a 2009 300xc and could not get it to pull smoothly at small throttle openings, tried a few different needles and nothing worked. it was most annoying on tighter single track where you are constantly "riding on the pilot jet" switched to a #8 slide and it made a HUGE difference. the bike pulls cleanly from 0 on up......bike wanted one step richer pilot jet
  15. velocityjunky

    2009 300xc jetting colorado

    any thoughts on needle? seems to run good, still has a little burble at 1/8 throttle thinking of switching to N2ZK pos 1 to try to remedy that