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  1. Jim_K

    2001 DRZ400s

    Hey guys, Its been a while since I posted. But I wondering if anyone could give me some assistance. I love my drz...its been a reliable bike. But reallity is that I dont ride it much anymore. I put a whole 300 miles on it last season. (kids and work always seem in the way) My question is to what you guys feel this bike is worth? It is a 2001s model with around 4000 miles on it. It is geared one tooth lower on the front sprocket with the 3x3 airbox mod. And thats basically it. It starts and runs every time with some minor wear and tear scratches and such. Everything is good from the brakes to the electronics. It is yellow in color. Anyone venture a guess as to it's value. I am located in upstate NY. Thanks in advance.
  2. Jim_K

    anyone into bassfishing ?

    I do a lot of fishing....not so much on the bike though. When I do take the bike, it's always a light pack. I strap my pole in two pieces to my backpack....and take a light tackle box
  3. Jim_K

    Stock speedo

    Are you talking about the display? or just the speedo does not work. You could always pull the front wheel and make sure the tab is there.
  4. Jim_K

    UFO Tail/Blinker Assembly

    Yes...there is a clear section on the bottom of the lense.
  5. Jim_K

    Broken bolts!

    I agree....Use a drill press if you have one. And a good metal bit. Once you break the head free, the rest should come pretty easy. Did you try heat first before the stripped.
  6. Jim_K

    Fork race sag

    I've never been on a sport bike where the front end sags when you sit on it. ...unless the front end is under braking load.
  7. Jim_K

    O/T My "new" ride

    That picture does not make it look like it's on 35's. cool none the less though. my "other" offroad toy is my jeep. Jeep
  8. Jim_K

    Do you think I need a skid plate?

    Yeah....seriously consider getting one.....you will thank yourself later. I have not found a skid that does not reflect noise or vibrate...the trick is find a good mounting method...maybe use some tape, foam or other insulator to deadin some of the sound.
  9. Jim_K

    05' Sm - Axle Sliders - Pics

    Are the speedo and brake lines on the outside of the fork tubes on all super moto models? Or is it because of the larger brakes? That would scare me just as well.
  10. Jim_K

    Ohlins shock ?

    Are you buying it new? They usually set it up for your weight snd riding style.
  11. Going on a year with mine....no complaints. I went through two stock junkers before this.
  12. Jim_K

    Paragon this weekend

    We are still working out the details...looks like you guys might have a big group. I have a lifted jeep too...but will not be running it on the trails this time out. Looks like we will be arriving around noon or a bit later friday
  13. Jim_K

    your opinion please ktm 625 sm VS Drz 400 sm

    My buddy has the KTM 625 dirt version...I will say that there is no comparison once so ever when it comes to power....The KTM will eat the drz. I'm happy with my drz....but it is fun to ride his bike once in a while.
  14. Jim_K

    Paragon this weekend

    I've never been there before...but A buddy and myself will be heading to Paragon this coming weekend. Friday Aug 5th, 6th and 7th We are camping primitive right on paragon property......Anyone who has a tent and a bike is welcome!!!
  15. Jim_K

    What should I do to my '01

    I would ride it first and see where YOU think it needs improvement.