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  1. Salt n Pepper

    Factory Edition KTM

    Any reports that the FE will have the new AER 52 fork?
  2. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    Well I pulled the trigger on a bike this past Saturday. I went with what I know and love, the '18 YZ250F. I am pretty sure I would love the 350 and will probably get one when the updated one comes out for '19, depending on how the new '19 YZ250F is. I absolutely love the '18 YZ though. It pulls a lot further than my '15 and is plenty of power for me. I actually can't believe how much stronger the motor is compared to my '15. Kris Keefer says the two bikes that get him really excited to ride is the KTM350 and the YZ250f. I would say this is totally correct as I know how amazing the yz is and I am sure the 350 is just as amazing. I just had to go with my gut and I really don't think I need more power than this yz has. I greatly appreciate everyones advice/help.
  3. Salt n Pepper

    Filter every change with oil?

    Change the filter every 2-3 oil changes. Change the oil every 4-5 hours. This is what I do and thats hard moto's.
  4. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    Also, how are the new KTM's in terms of stability at speed. My '17 CRF450r was way more active at speed and was a little twitchy compared to my yzf. Can I expect a KTM to be pretty stable at speed without having to worry to much about head shake?
  5. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    It's hard to take all these 450 shootouts and tests serious when literally everyone has a different opinion on the bikes. I've read/listened to all the shootouts and it has me shaking my head when a bike gets docked for having a "smooth" bottom end/RPM response/etc. I know thats what I want so I can roll the turns/ruts better. Seems they'd rather have a hyperactive bottom, on - off switch power curve on the bottom because its more "exciting". I don't get it. Back to the original topic. I'm picking up the new bike Saturday I think. It's gonna be the 18 Yz250f or the 18 350sxf. Still haven't made up my mind. I can get the yz for almost 2k cheaper but that's really not going to be the deciding factor. Although with that money I could buy an ecu/ignition, drum of race fuel, and exhaust for the yz and it should be running pretty strong. The KTM's are so sexy though and the estart would be so awesome. Such a hard decision....
  6. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    Yea just hoping its not too big of a "big brother". Several opinions are that its more like a 450 and several opinions are its more like a 250. Just one of those things I'm thinking you have to experience for yourself. Can you be aggressive with this bike like you can a 250 or do you have to respect it like you do a 450?
  7. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    I did remap the CRF450R. Tokyo mods did a de-tune map for me. It did help but still was more than I wanted. It wasn't the only thing I didn't like about the CRF. After putting 2 years on my '15 Yz250f, I never got head shake, NEVER. I could push it as hard as I wanted and it never felt twitchy or nervous at speed. The frame and suspension was very compliant and planted. My short time on the CRF, I got head shake and a nervous front end feeling on long fast down hill sections (at Millcreek in Alabama if any of you are familiar). The CRF also felt VERY rigid to me. Other than that I really liked the CRF. It was a great bike but just not what I was looking for. I'm actually leaning toward a 250sxf now. I know I would be happy with it. I may or may not be happy with the 350sxf, but 10k is to much to gamble with that decision. I should have went to red bud for the KTM demo this past weekend but I didn't. That would have solved my dilemma, but oh well.
  8. Salt n Pepper

    2017 KTM 250sxf vs 350sxf

    Bumping this thread. Any more input. As you can tell from all my posts in this forum, I'm really torn between 250sxf and 350sxf.
  9. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    Has anyone had the chance to ride both the 250sxf and the 350sxf 17-18 models? How is the 350sxf power compared to the 250sxf? Seems the reviews of the 250sxf are that it has a really strong motor that likes to stay in the upper RPM's.
  10. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    I meant the '19 yz250f. All I've heard about the AER is good and light years above the 4cs. Thanks for the input. Any other opinions?
  11. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    Thanks for the input. How do you like the suspension compared to your yzf? The '15 yz250f has been my fave bike of all time and I'm looking forward to seeing what the '18 250f has in store but if I keep my '15 for another season it's gonna cost me a complete bottom and top end rebuild which I don't want to do. It's gonna be hard to top the yz but maybe the 350 will wow me lol.
  12. Salt n Pepper

    Best Knee Guards/Brace? Asterisk, Mobius, etc

    The new asterisk's with the straps are amazing braces. I've used asterisk for may years and updated my old lace up ones with the new ultra cells with straps a couple years back. They are wonderful and have the adjustability to be fitted to your leg. The tether that attaches to your boot is the best way to prevent external rotation of your tibia related to your femur which is a force that commonly occurs with ACL injury. IMO as a physical therapist, the asterisk with the tether attached to your boot is the safest brace for preventing ACL injury.
  13. If you've never been on an MX track before, I wouldn't recommend learning in a racing environment. Go to a practice day or practice track first. Don't worry about jumping and stay within your comfort zone. If you do to much to soon, you WILL get hurt. Take it easy and don't rush it.
  14. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    Sounds good guys. I def like a smooth bottom to mid so it sounds like this bike has that. It makes cornering so much easier for me without the front end push and constantly trying to pop out of a rut like with a 450 then instant you get on throttle. The funny thing is, I used to primarily be a 450 rider but they just seem so fast off the bottom now and so instant. Maybe I've been out of the 450 game so long I forgot. My most recent bikes were: 2002 cr250r, 2005 CRF450r, 2009 KX450f, 2012 KX250f, 2014 KTM250sx, 2015yz250f. So as you can see, I've had a wide range of power bands from many different bikes. The 250f's were my faves out of the bunch. They 250 sx 2 stroke was fun but hard to ride compared to 4 strokes and that 4cs held that bike back so much it was hard to judge just how good it could have been. Just needing a bit more than the 250f for starts and deeper conditions, so hopefully the 350 will meet my needs without being to much. I can deal with the big top end because I don't see that getting me in trouble like the stupid instantaneous power that 17 CRF had off bottom.
  15. Salt n Pepper

    350 SXF/XCF Owners - Describe Power Please

    Thanks for the input Monk.