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  1. So its been years since I've been on TT. Was on back when I road 4 strokes in 2003-2004. Since then I have had many bikes including multiple 250F's, 04' and 06' RM 250's, 09' YZ 250, 12' KTM 300 XC, 13' KTM 350 and now the 2016' YZ 250X. All for off road riding, always had to do suspension mods to enjoy all of the bikes to their fullest (had to modify the KTM's the most!), and for tighter single track riding in British Columbia Canada. I have raced and ride typically 75-85 hours (hour meter) per year. Now, I will confess that my favourite bike out of the last 10 has been my 2009 YZ 250. Bought new I simply re jetted for my area and rode it. After a year I did minor suspension modifications, top end etc. It had 245 hours on it when it became my wife's ride and I drank the orange Kool Aid (new 2012' KTM 300 XC). My wife road it for 3 seasons and put 85 hours on it. This year it became my 15 year old sons bike. He has over 110 hours on it this year with 11 races (upper B but moving to A course next year). Mods did include more supple suspension as he is 135 lbs, 18" wheel, and an 11 ounce flywheel weight. What does this add up to?? A 2009 YZ 250 with over 400 hours on it proving it's durability. I honestly have not re-jetted it after the first time. Never seized it, no major repairs etc. Regular maintenance (greasing bearings, oil and coolant changes, etc.) and it just keeps performing. So, I now have had the 250X since mid September and it has been ridden by my family (wife, sons, and myself) as well as a few friends, and all have come back with positive reviews. I only have added skid plate, bark busters and re jetted it. In short. I love this bike better than my YZ 250. It isn't the same and almost has an old school power band with a distinctive hit when the power valve opens but the hit leads you from a very torquey low end to a strong mid range. This is where this bike loves to be!!! The top end is weak compared to the KTM SX 250 and the YZ 250 but that isn't where you want to ride it. The suspension is a bit stiff over small roots and rocks....say the 4" stuff, but for everything else it seems pretty darn good out of the box. I will modify it but possibly play with oil level and oil weight before looking at a re valve. Just want it a bit more plush for the small junk. I have had it on the MX track and it is pretty good but nothing like my 350 SX. So, there are no real 'Apples to Apples' comparison's as this bike is much more unique that what I thought it would be. The porting/pipe combination, along with stock gearing has created a very useful motorcycle and combine that with the traditional Yamaha reliability it's a winner in my book. So much so that I'm going to get another one for my wife this coming spring (actually this first one was to be hers but I've taken it over and sell the 350. Does it compare to a KTM 300.....nope. Not supposed to. Do I like it better than riding a KTM 250 XC?? Yep, hands down....for me....it fits better, handles better and has a better power curve. And the beauty of it is it was $1700 cheaper than the local dealer KTM pricing (about $2500 cheaper after huge Canadian taxes, documentation fees, freight and pdi charges). Nope, no electric starter (I do miss it for sure but not a deal breaker), and no lighting coil, and no hydraulic clutch (clutch on the 250X is buttery smooth and light pull). So price range is appropriate but.....now I have some $ to do suspension mods and buy a Rekluse if I want and a bike that will be with me for while. Remember, it's all opinion here and no two riders are the same. If you are lucky enough to afford and ride dirt bikes of any kind......well...., fill in with your own philosophical statement. Happy riding all.
  2. I have an 09 and it is taken care of but ridden hard. Plastic looks like junk but I replace a lot of wear items that perhaps the previous owner hasn't. If you add up chain ($100), sprokets ($75), bearing kits (go with OEM and not ALL Balls or Pivot Works) = $100, new wheel spacers from Yamaha, chain guides, brakes etc. and you will eat up the $500 for sure. Personally, I would do the top end and clean the PV. All in all you can look at $1000 but would have a strong and reliable bike at that point.
  3. Have to agree somewhat. I shaved the head on my 12' XC and changed the base gaskets (lower) and it is a monster compared to stock. Way more bottom. Combine those mods with running the lower map setting and it seems good. Honestly haven't tried a pipe though but my head and gasket mods were $100.
  4. Agree with Darryl of Cyclops. I have HID helmet lights from him and he was great to deal with and really seemed to know his stuff. As for your stator, I have done the same thing to my 12' 300 XC with adding a rectifier and regulator. It allows me to run 2, 28 watt LED lights for a total of 5200 lumens. The lights are Rigid Industries (for vehicles) Dually D2's and are great. I use those and the 1900 lumen helmet light for night riding. Overkill for a light for safety rides when darkness creeps up on you. I built an aluminum mount (replacement number plate) so I just take off the stock number plate, put on the mount which is held into place with hose clamps (rubber tubing around them so they dont scuff the fork tubes). I use the yello wire for power to the switch and a ground. I was told that my system is about 45 watts now but it has no problem running the 56 watts worth of lights for 2 hours of night riding. Voltage in the battery dropped a little but still would start the bike with the E-start. Great thing about some LED's is that they will run right down to 9 volts without dimming. After that they go out (not like a halogen that dims and gives you warning). Good luck.
  5. 55 miles of single track. Got 50 miles just before reserve at Odessa for the Desert 100 so what your getting seems on par. Not sure how far I can go on reserve.
  6. I hit reserve around 55 miles depending on terrain. No hill climbing or road riding (pretty much not 'on the pipe').
  7. Must be riding the wrong Japanese bike then. Have 265 hours on my 09'YZ 250 without losing a bolt. Have 40 hours on my KTM 300 XC and have worked on it more than with the last 10 years on Japanese bikes. Got the KTM figured out now but I had to open the wallet and understand that they aren't all they are cracked up to be out of the box. $3500 more spent on the KTM than a new YZ. Live and learn.
  8. I have to agree. I am on my first KTM (12' 300 XC) and it has been very sensitive in jetting and suspension compared to all of my japanese bikes. I really find the KTM nervous up front and am still playing with the sag and getting re-valves to compensate. Good thing is that there are a ton of these bikes out there so lots of info (and opinions!). In answer to your question the P3 is really great stuff. I have the pipe guard and the skid plate. For hand gurads I run with Fastway full wraps. I like the handlebar top mount. Only issue is that if you cut your bars the mount holes don't line up well but that is the same with most units. I use the Leo Vince silencer with the bolt in spart arrestor but really need to clean it often. Mine gummed up with slow riding (trail clearing) and the bike ran like crap until I removed it. It doesn't spooge though like my Q-stealth.
  9. Just going on experience. ONce the Yamalube was gone no more fouling plugs (2) on a 09' YZ 250. No jetting changes. Eitherway, I won't use it again.
  10. From experience you problem is the Yamalube. Fouled plugs on it. Use MotorX at 50:1 and have never fouled a plug again. Try a different mix and see what you come up with.
  11. GPS'd mine in 6th and got to 112 km/h which translates to 70 mph. That is a '12 300 XC like yours with 13 CS sproket. So maybe a bit slow for Desert.
  12. Why not use proper packing? You wont get glass fibres in your hands and I think it will last longer. It's pretty cheap stuff.
  13. Rode nice groovy single track last couple of days and the Leo Vince silencer seems to have made a bit of difference on the low end transition to mid. Also changed out the front MX 51 to a 213 Golden Tire and it really made a difference in the handling. Front end was a lot more consistent and predictable. Amazing a tire change would affect the handling so much! Made the rear MX 51 seem to not dance around as much as I wasn't chasing the front as much I guess. The Leo Vince is good. A little smaller than stock, fit perfectly, no sound change and has a small bolt in spark arrestor which I needed. Overall very sano product and not nearlly as obtrusive as the FMF Q stealth. That thing was about 3-4 inches longer, fatter, and more vulnerable to tip overs. Raised the bars more (to 1&1/4') and that helped me feel more on top of things when standing which I also think helped the handling for my riding style. Haven't messed with the jetting again yet but temps are much warmer and getting more consistent.
  14. Makes sence. Also hear about removing base gaskets to get more desired power curve.
  15. Thanks. Up in BC Canada so it would likely cost me more in shipping than the work. I talked to the person who does it and he has done a number of 12's this year and basically says it ups the compression to give it a bit more bottom end. Will give it a try.
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