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    Motorcycles (duh_) Supermoto, mountain bikes, big band, family and friends.
  1. rogerb


    Bike is at the Husky dealer now awaiting tear-down/inspection. I called an old race buddy how happens to be a KTM/Husky dealer in a different state, who checked for any outstanding recalls and also called his rep and told him about my bike, and straight away he knew what it was. Hopefully, fingers/toes crossed KTM/Husqvarna will help. More to come...
  2. rogerb

    FC250 Motor issues

    Well, bike is at the Husky dealer. Just waiting for them to tear it down and see what happened. Fortunately, I have an old racing buddy that spoke to his Husky rep and right away, the Rep knew what the problem was. KTM/Husky is aware of this issue and are apparently handling these one a case by case basis. Fingers and toes crossed. more to come...
  3. rogerb

    FC250 Motor issues

    Resurrecting this thread... 2016 FC250 with approx 20hrs and I suspect something has broken in the transmission...(costing me a top three season finish, and possible repeat championship) Heard a bad metallic banging from inside the engine in neutral, dies going into gear. Confirmed it's transmission related after inspecting and finding the slipper clutch is fine. (been running a Hinson from day one) One the stand, I can rotate the rear wheel when bike is in neutral. completely locked up one in gear (can't rotate wheel even with the spark plug removed) Bike is going to the Husky dealer tomorrow and they'll get to it when they can...more to come. RogerB
  4. rogerb


    Resurrecting an old thread here... Has anyone had any other issues with their 2016 250SX-F or FC250? I'm suspecting the gear box in my 2016 Husky FC250 just grenaded...(maybe 20hrs on it) Taking it to the Husqvarna dealer tomorrow for inspection. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. rogerb

    Is 35 old?

    I didn't start racing SM till I was 39. I turned 42 last month, and have a 5 month old son at home! I wish I was in the shape now, that I was at 35 though (I did way more mountain biking then!) "Old" is a state if mind, not how many years you've been alive.
  6. In case anyone is interested... come out and see the local Supermoto scene at Monroe/Evergreen Fairgrounds on May1 & 22nd Here's the link... http://www.supermotousa.net/ For you out on the Peninsula...check out Port Angles Speedway this weekend! There's a supermoto demo race along with the cars, etc on Saturday night... Full schedule of motorcycles on Sunday. If you haven't tried it...come on out!!!! There's a class for everybody, even the little kids!
  7. rogerb

    help on making my DR350 motarded

    there's some pictures on WebShots. this link may or may not work... http://www.webshots.com/search?query=rogerb135&start=12&tab=photos&xargs=null
  8. rogerb

    help on making my DR350 motarded

    I supermoto'd my old DR350SE (I no longer have the bike). When I started, I couldn't find anything that would work...I had a set of 17's laced up to OEM hubs, by Central Wheel in the UK. (Best deal I could find at the time) I think you can still find some info on it on the Maximum-Suzuki website. Good luck with it. It was a fun first supermoto for me, but it quickly felt underpowered and overweight for racing. It was great to commute on! BTW, I have a KTM525SMC now...
  9. rogerb

    lights for my sx

    I DID! I tried to piece a kit together, etc...big pain. For my set-up... I gave Dale @ TRICK Dualsport a call and he set me up with a self contained, complete, dual sport kit. (doesn't require an OEM battery...big advantage there) He was very helpful with answering my questions, etc. The complete kit ran about $450, I think... Also, depending on the year of the bike, you may or may not have to install the EXC flywheel and stator. My 03' SX needed these. (BTW, I actually like the EXC flywheel better...a littl emore flywheel effect, less prone to stalling.) Now, if you decide to go the OEM route, etc. I have a brand new OEM(exc) harness, still in the box, that I didn't need due to going with TRICK. Let me know if you're interested. Feel free to PM me if you have anymore questions...
  10. rogerb

    Considering the 525

    Which 525? The SX is a monster on the track...but that's only if you're really gassin' it, trust me, becomes a handful of tire shreadin' fun!!! However, from low end thru the midrange, it's awesome, easy to ride, plenty of bottom end to lug, etc. Two bikes in one really... He should look at the SMC cause it comes with the Supermoto AND dirt wheelsets! (we need more NW supermoto riders!) If he doesn't want the SM wheelset...selling it to offset the cost of the bike works too! (let me know if he wants to sell'em ) Go with the KTM!
  11. rogerb

    Street legal 2003 525sx...Washington

    WHAT? why are you selling????
  12. rogerb

    Supermoto Bicycle...check out my ride..

    CHEAP? HAh! That bike cost's more then my old DR! Ellworth Truth frame $1995 +/- (just the FRAME!) The headset alone (Chris King=the BEST! ) runs about $110! Sweet ride...both of'em
  13. Speaking of commentary... My wife tried to sit and watch the races with me last night, but said she couldn't "listen to the one guy talk or look at the other with his dumb glasses" What's up with those two anyways...they have to realize the majority of the viewing audience already has a pretty good idea of what's going on. They tend to "dumb things down" a little too much for me. Maybe that's just me... Regardless...I am very hapy to have the series televised...hell, I'd watch it if Tammy Fay Baker was hosting and that's saying something!
  14. DOn't know what you watched. In the race I watched last night (450/supermoto), Doug lost his clutch about half way through... Bummer too, cause he was SMOKIN'!!! Wardy went on to to take the lead from T-bolt and kept it till the end. I do wish they would have shown some of the reported damage from the "Urban" elements...the televised stuff made it look like they weren't an issue at all.
  15. While not exactly what your looking for... I bought the FLY Supermoto boots earlier this year. They have a ceramic/composite sole that slides real nice, and seem to be wearing really well. Plus, there only $160! (I'm not sponsored by FLY, or anyone else for that matter )