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  1. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    Kid your not more mature you just have no sense of honor. Calling him out in private is for sissy's. I can stand behind everything i have said can he? It is not something a 12 yr old would do. It is the way thing's are handled between men. If you are not man enough to call someone out in public what is the point?
  2. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    I know.
  3. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    That is exactly the point. People tend to run off at the mouth because they have no idea who they are dealing with. I can assure you he would not repeat any of this to my face. As a gentleman i have offered the olny two exceptable way's to end this. There is no gray area. A man is olny as good as his word. If you will not stand behind the thing's you say you are not much of a man.
  4. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    When you get older maybe you will understand.
  5. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    Insulted my family,myself. Maybe you kid's are raised different today but where i come from insulting someone,there family or questioning there honor or integrity is ground's for combat. If you are not man enough to stand behind the thing's you say you should be more careful about running off at the mouth. If this man has any sense of honor he will apolagize or face me in combat.
  6. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    I have already offered to toss you a beating free of charge. I have formally challenged in front of thousands. I assure you when it's over you will be satisfied. Now if you were a man a simple apolagy for insulting my father and myself would squash this whole thing. If not then stand toe to toe with me and run your mouth.
  7. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    Give me the directions and see what happens you little punk. You good sir are just another internet coward! the gauntlet has already been dropped. If you were a man you would face me and run your mouth.
  8. dragonchaser 13

    What other types of bike does everybody ride?

    99 kawasaki zx 7 41,000 and goin strong.
  9. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    Keep running your mouth and you will not have to worry about my father. I am not a 16 yr old kid toughguy i am a 39 yr old man,i am 6'3 200lbs. I spent 8yrs in the army,and an entire childhood of martial art's and streetfight's. My daddy will not kick your ass i will! If you want to get together it will not be to discuss anything. You can climb in the ring with me,but if i was you i would chose to fight my 65 yr old father. At his age he is more inclined to show some mercy. If you do not have the gut's to face me on a field of combat then you should learn when to keep your mouth closed. It's your choice bare hand's,knife firearms or sword. i am ready whenever you are. If not then you should be more careful who you choose to insult. Pm me if you need directions,but i doubt i will ever hear from you.
  10. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    You know nothing of my family it would be wise to keep your mouth shut. My father was a marine,a decorated police detective with the state police for 28yrs. He has a 56in chest and 22in biceps and a short temper. If you have any problem with his parenting skill's you should take it up with him. If you have the ball's Jackoff. Pm me if you need the #
  11. dragonchaser 13

    Harsh penalty for J Law

    Drug testing is B.S. and it always will be. What people do on there own time is not the f@#&%$g employer's or anyone else's buisness.It should be about your work performance. How about you parent's raise your kid's yourself! If your kid need's a role model IT SHOULD BE YOU! It's not my job or anyone else to teach your kid right from wrong. Sorry if this sound's harsh to some of you but i for one am sick of people pushing there lack of parenting onto me. If your too busy,lazy or just plain stupid why should it become my responsability to raise your little booger eater? It's time to stop looking to celebs for a lifestyle coach. They are people just like you and me,no better,no worse. It dosen't take a village it take's one parent with there head screwed on straight. rant over.........im gonna go smoke some pot.
  12. dragonchaser 13

    Shinko Tires...insanley cheap!!!

    I have used there tire for drag racing(didn't know they even dabbled in dirt)it was extremely soft and sticky which make's for a great launch but not much for longevity.
  13. dragonchaser 13

    Oxtar boots

    I have there dirt and roadrace boot's. Both are high quality,comfy and have held up to years of abuse.
  14. dragonchaser 13

    which chain?

    My chain and sprocket's just arrived from Sidewinder and i am impressed. Heavy duty is an understatement! Fit ,finish and quality of material is beyond anything i have seen and i deal with chain and sprocket's all day long(mail processing machine's) The chain looked so meaty i thought they sent a 530 by mistake. Overall price difference for me was about a 100 bucks more. Customer service was top notch and it was here in 3-4 day's.
  15. dragonchaser 13

    Anyone run ProTaper Mini-High bars?

    Pro taper Pastrana bend is the tallest and is pretty narrow. I also have 1/2 inch riser's this combo make's it easy for me to stand all day.