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  1. Rider777

    THIS IS OUR 2017 BETA 500RR-S & 125RR-S THREAD

    thanks for not using CAPS !! i don't like being yelled at
  2. Rider777

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    . What's missing in this photo? I've been using the Rekluse auto clutch and their LHRB for a few hours and purposely didn't use the rear foot brake pedal. I found it to be very natural....I also ride a mountain bike so it's very similar of course. Going on my first ride tomorrow without the rear brake foot pedal so we'll see how it goes.....I don't foresee any issues at all.
  3. Rider777

    '17 500RR-S

    You'll notice I had to remove some of the right inboard bar to clear the ignition key. I think I used 20mm bar risers to facilitate installing the inboard HDB clamps. And by the way, that's the highest you can raise the bars without rerouting the clutch line outside of the left fork or of course installing a longer line which Beta sells. Not the easiest to install but they sure are strong and I used the "big bolts" that screw directly into the tapped and threaded bar ends. HDB supplies a tap , you supply the grunt And I like the foldout mirrors. Dave
  4. Rider777

    '17 500RR-S

    That's a photo of my 2015 390RR which I sold and just a few months ago bought a '17 390RR-S. Absolutely GREAT bikes........I really liked the carb but the FI is very nice....except....I'm not a fan of the lack of compression braking and if you just bump the throttle the bike will surge a good 5mph or so. The "fix" is to immediately pull in the clutch. I learned this while riding out at Pozo OHV in Cal. where they have some significantly steep up and downhills. Overall it's all good, just a little adjustment. I'd say the fuel mileage is slightly better on the FI bike....maybe 3-5mpg. I put the HDB's on my '17 and the straight clutch line slightly rubs on the inboard anchor. Not bad, just a little. Dave
  5. Rider777

    Submit Images for Beta Calendar.

    I believe the RR-S or the race edition are the only 4st models available now. And here is a copy of the response I messaged you regarding your above questions/comments in case others would be interested: "Hello, First, I'd like to be frank and say that I enjoy "enhancing" my bikes more than riding 'em. I do enjoy riding but I have a real fight with the risk/reward ratio mostly being that I'm 65 years old and need to be "all together" for my job (corporate pilot). I am very fortunate to have owned all or most of the best of the best bikes over the years and find the Beta 4strokes to be my cup of tea. Because: Out of the box they run right.....including the RR-S that I just bought a few months ago. Sure they get about 10-12% less fuel mileage than KTM's but once again.....they run great right out of the box. 'My RR with a carb mind you was an absolute great bike, from excellent fueling even up to 13K feet and was very confidence expiring even for me an average rider. The RR-S much to my amazement is a couple of steps better! The FI is spot on....no off idle snatch like KTM's....and the minimal compression braking (which is adjustable by the dealer) is again very good. I had always thought that I would want good compression braking for the steep and loose downhill sections but found that you don't really need it ! The RR-S really instills confidence in my riding. And that off course leads to better riding and more fun. No issue with getting parts.....I have a local dealer here in Las Vegas but choose to go to SierraBMW/Beta in Sparks, NV. They stock a ton of stuff and are very knowledgeable and helpful www.motosupply.com Re: RR vs RR-S, I believe that the RR-S or the race model, ? designator, is all you can buy now. And like was suggested to me before I bought the '15 RR, the 390 is the best all around model. I definitely agree with that, hence why I bought the '17 390RR-S. Like I tell all the people that ask me about my bike.......just buy it. You will not be unhappy, really!! Recap; Confidence inspiring big time, excellent power delivery and more than enough, reliable, easy to work on, 1 year factory warranty, a blast to ride and great looking! Of note: the plastic oil pump gears need replacing at 100 hours per Beta. Not too difficult of a job but that I'd mention it. Any other ?'s fire away ! Dave"
  6. Rider777

    Check your frames from chain damage!

    Speaking of Dave at GetDirtyDirtBikes...... I just learned he's not a Beta dealer any more ! What happened? I used to go to his shop (drove from Las Vegas where I live) for some more in depth work on my last Beta and really liked his results. Dave
  7. Rider777

    Submit Images for Beta Calendar.

    About 25 miles south of Big Sur, California with my 2017 Beta 390RR-S: Going down Ophir Pass, Colorado on my 2015 Beta 390RR: Telluride, CO ski area in background on the way up to Imogene Pass, CO, 2015 Beta 390RR:
  8. Rider777

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    I was expecting to have a tough time finding the 9mm allen key as was reported but nope....my local fairly large hardware store (McFadden/Dale) had 'em. I bought a Hot Cams 10mm shim kit and always check the thicknesses with a micrometer as I found that the markings on the shim are not usually correct. Dave
  9. Rider777

    Gearing for a new 2017 390

    It was mentioned above that the '17 390RR-S comes with "15/50" gearing. My bike, same, came with 15/48 gearing. And......Beta supplied a 14 tooth c/s in the "spare stuff box" that came with the bike. Bike was purchased from Sierra BMW/Beta, Sparks , NV. Can't say enough good things about this dealer !!!! They even let me test ride the bike with no sales pressure to buy. But as we know once you're ridden it ........SOLD Dave
  10. Rider777

    '17 500RR-S

    Most of my riding is around Las Vegas, NV. I'm kind of a middle of the road type rider.......mostly two track with some sand and desert stuff But the ride where the chain ate into frame and mud flap was central coast of Calif....specifically Coast Ridge Trail and some off shoots. I think my chain caused damage came from a very loose chain. I'll be testing that theory soon as I plan to ride today or tomorrow. Dave
  11. Rider777

    '17 500RR-S

  12. Rider777

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    . My bike: 2017 390RR-S Total hours: 10.6 Procedure: Check valve clearance Valve cover came off fairly straightforward.....after......I removed the ignition p/up coil which sits right in front of the valve cover. To gain access to it I just unbolted the left radiator and carefully moved it out of the way for access to the two 8mm bolts. I did not drain any coolant. Fact specs are: int: .10mm min. to .175mm max exh: .125mm min. to .20mm max My L int was .09mm....too tight R int was .11mm, barely in spec. My L exh was .13mm, barely in spec and R exh was .15mm...in spec. So, I had some work to do. I am an average mechanic and to go thru the process to replace the shims with the proper size is right at my limit ......err......slightly over my limit of confidence. I downloaded the procedure from Beta's support section on their website and read the procedure about a hundred times. Seemed fairly straightforward so off I go to my kitchen/work shop. Some of you may have seen a photo of said kitchen just after I bought my bike However, the instructions assume that you are quite capable of turning wrenches (also assuming you have the correct ones) so they leave out some fairly basic but sometimes very important information. Took me a long time for the process.....one hiccup was after I had changed the shims on both intakes and was doing the one exhaust I realized that I added thickness to the replacement shim instead of subtracting so as to gain more clearance. Oops !! Fortunately I hadn't put it all back together and realized it then !!!! Another tip: instead of removing the cams, I just lifted them up one at a time and used a piece of velcro strap to hold the cam up while doing my work on the shims. That way there was no way of mistiming the cams. And there's no way you'll accidentally drop the cam chain. Also: I used a couple of dabs of whiteout on the chain and sprocket of both cams.......BEFORE......lifting or if you wanted to remove the cams. Otherwise it was pretty straightforward. While doing this process it was nice to tidy up , maybe reroute some wiring for longer lasting reliability. Not that Beta did anything "wrong" but ya know it's fun to tinker Got the bike all back together and checked over everything another hundred times or so and turned the key on......fuel pump primed and shutoff, no leaks.....pressed the starter button and after a few cranks she lit right off. I had my flashlight looking at the valve cover gasket first for any leaks.....none. Be sure and clean off and re apply new gasket sealer in the four spots the manual recommends. You'll see what the factory did and just re do same. I let it idle until the fan came on ( 225 degree F ) and waited a minute after that and then revved it a few times and it sounded/ran great !! A couple of thoughts: I've seen it recommended to remove the upper engine support to make removing the valve cover easier. I've done this before on another bike and it was an absolute pain in the neck to get it realigned and the bolts threaded back in. I mean a REAL Pain. That's why when I saw that the p/up coil was the holdup I gladly removed it and the valve cover with a twist to the left came out fairly easy. Spark plug removal: The plug tool in the factory kit works great.........EXCEPT........ they don't supply a 9mm allen key to slide in the top to turn the tool. I recommend you go buy a 9mm allen key asap and put it with your tool kit. Or as someone suggested wisely drill a hole in the top of the tool and use a bar of some type. I like the 9mm method. That's about all I can think of.....but if anyone has any questions, please ask I'd be glad to share. Dave
  13. Rider777

    '17 500RR-S

    Which dealer? My dealer, Sierra BMW alerted me last week about this issue. Thanks, Dave
  14. Rider777

    Going to buy a 2017 500 EXC

    Pardon the interruption. Available today at your Beta dealer...see photo of my '17 390RR-S below (not for sale): Third Beta that I've owned along with many new KTM's and Husky's. The whole Beta package is just AMAZING !!! Yes, I'm a single guy with reference to where my Beta is parked and "enhanced"
  15. Rider777

    '17 500RR-S

    Most likely your problem is highlighted above. Only the wrapped end should touch the spark plug wire. Reroute the rest ...away from....spark plug wire. I did this and my tach now works perfect. And....PPR 1/2 Sensitivity: LOW What a GREAT bike !!!! Dave