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  1. LurcherNZ

    XR200R, 1987 or 2000, which to mod?

    I've said that before "hmm doesn't sound/look too bad I'll just freshen up the top end"....once you start going into these older well worn bikes, you often find that the valves are toast the cam/cam sprockets, cam journals, tensioner etc are worn, the rod is done, the oil pump housing/rotors are scored, the bottom end bearings are mostly sacked out and the seals need replaced, the countershaft splines can be flogged out from cheap sprockets, yet they keep running... I went through a 250 that looked a lot like yours a while back. The heads on the 86-95 are notorious for cracks between the exhaust valves, crack-free heads are as rare as rocking horse shit (I got lucky), 200 heads can be a headache too with worn cam journals. At least parts for the XR's are readily available and fairly cheap
  2. LurcherNZ

    Anyone building xr200 cranks with stepped pin?

    There is an Australian guy on here with the handle greenhuman that supposedly has stepped pins for sale as I too am on the lookout for one apparently you can combine a 4mm stepped pin/split bearing with a crf230 piston for a 4mm gain in stroke. I have had patchy communication with Greenhuman attempting to acquire a pin but have had no luck, apparently he does not make the pins but gets them from someone else. You need to press one half of the crank to the pin, put the crank back in the cases with the gear clusters and shave a bit off the bottom of the rod to get clearance. Also you may need to machine the bearing cage (see bottom link). If you find a source for stepped pins please post up! see also Greenhuman certainly knows his way around small honda singles
  3. Hi John

     I have been trying to contact you to get ahold of a 4mmx30mm offset crank pin and split bearing. Can you please provide me with some contact details?





  4. Hi Greenhuman are you making offset crankpins to make xr200 strokers? if so could you please fick me a pm cheers John NZ

    1. greenhuman



      I don't make them but do supply them. They work great and anyone or shop that can rebuild cranks can install them. I cannot believe the Seppo's putting up with waiting months for that Terry bloke to do their crank if ever.


    2. LurcherNZ


      I am keen to give it a go I have an Xr200 crank, a new prox rod and I'm yet to buy a piston, so I could buy something like a wiseco crf230 piston and it should all go together? will I need to grind some material off the bottom of the rod to clear the gears? Also how do I go about ordering one off you? Cheers John NZ

  5. LurcherNZ

    XR250 motor in an XR200 frame

    Can some one please clarify a couple of points? Firstly sounds like an 86-95 single carb xr250 engine will slot straight into an 84-85 XR200 frame? I guess some sort of mod will be needed to fit the oil cooler Is the 84-85 xr200 frame significantly lighter/smaller than a XR250 frame? Do the 84-85 xr200 bikes still have the steel swingarm?
  6. LurcherNZ

    90 XR200 piston damage

    buy an xl185s, atc185 or xr185 cylinder and get it bored to xr200 stock dimensions. I agree with above comments that new rod and very close look at all bearings/oil pump/+ cam/cam journals/cam chain sprockets etc needed given the state of that thing.
  7. LurcherNZ

    A little help with an xr200r rear spring

    These ones (complete shock) are available in Australia and New Zealand new they are supposed to be OK, certainly cheaper than a genuine honda one out here at least https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Replacement-Shock-Absorber-Honda-XR200R-1986-to-2002/273349478673?epid=12021337212&hash=item3fa4e60911:g:qS8AAOSwDn5bRXRx https://www.bits4bikes.co.nz/View-A-Product/Id/21328
  8. LurcherNZ

    xr200 1980 flywheel removal

    So i am dismantling three xr200 motors two early 1990s, one 1980. Hoping with a few new parts/machining to end up with two good engines. The 1980 (casing number Me02e 5105889 = 1980 https://4-stroke.net/honda-vin-to-year-code-list.html) motor has a different flywheel stator setup which was updated in 1986. 86 on you can push the flywheel off with a 14x1.5 metric bolt. The 1980 flywheel thread size is different it's smaller anyone know the bolt size I would need? Tried a few I had lying around but no luck. Nothing leapt out when I googled it either, cheers in advance.
  9. LurcherNZ

    XR200 year differences engine

    slight correction Honda changed the left crank half in 90 to a larger sprocket ID; early is 20mm, late is 22mm (also 86-87 TLR200). Early part number: 14311-107-000 Late part number: 14311-KJ2-300 actually everything up to and including 1988 is 14311-107-000 beyond is Late part number: 14311-KJ2-300
  10. LurcherNZ

    XR200 year differences engine

    Thanks heaps Chuck that is really helpful the gear shift lever was welded on, on one of the engines I am working on and the countershaft on one is worn from ill-sized sprockets, plus I have a worn left side case this info will help ensure I get the right replacement 2nd hand /newparts
  11. LurcherNZ

    XR200 year differences engine

    Just trying to compile a list of changes that occurred within the two valve engine over it's life (currently rebuilding 2 engines) So far I have the kickstart mechanism from old school Al The K/S shaft and lever changed in 87. 86 had a 6mm bolt, and 87 a 8mm bolt. The 87 shaft had a deeper groove for the larger bolt. Longer spring in 86 for ratchet. The gear change was 87......87 - 02 the large tooth type. The case was fly cut larger to accept the new larger dia spindle gear........can be done to earlier case. And from Chuck.... this gets a little confusing The left end of the kicker shaft fits into a boss on the left case, and the left case also changed part numbers in 94. So my summary is three kicker gears changed in 94 and both case part numbers also changed. But all three shafts have the same part numbers from 86 and on. The three bearings listed in the tranny part fiche have the same metric code numbers but the Honda part number for the right side main shaft changed from a Honda standards number to a Honda part number. A standard 6006 bearing is 13mm wide but my local bearing house did have a narrow version at 9mm, my 97 Honda bearing is 11mm wide. I have a 86 TLR200 case and that bearing is 13mm wide and the same Honda part number as the 86-93 XR200 bearings so it appear Honda went to a non standard bearing in 94. I seem to remember the bearing on the kickstart shaft became thinner to accommodate the wider gear, can anyone summarise the changes/years for the kickstart? Next there is the crank bearing change From Chuck Honda changed the fit of the right main bearing from press fit on crank and slip fit into the case, to slip on crank and press into case beginning with engine number 5705049 (beginning in 94) so you can not mix early and late right case, bearing, or crank. Unfortunately the numbers are on the left case and the fit issue is the right case. And there is the oil pump change again from Chuck The newer larger pump supercedes the small pump, has about 50% more capacity, the new pump was with the 94 engine but superceded all older pumps and then there is the lower camchain sprocket that goes on the crank Again from Chuck Honda changed the left crank half in 90 to a larger sprocket ID; early is 20mm, late is 22mm (also 86-87 TLR200). Early part number: 14311-107-000 Late part number: 14311-KJ2-300 Have I missed anything? I am working on a 90 and 95, I am getting a lot of parts from ebay and the freight to New Zealand is rough both need new rods and one has a pretty beat up left hand case so gotta be up to speed on this stuff as without care I could end up ordering the wrong parts, thanks in advance
  12. LurcherNZ

    Mod or sell my XR200R

    I own both Xr250 and 200 the 250 has significantly more power but is significantly heavier. If you fall off in a situation where you need to heft the bike out of a deep rut or similar the 200 is way easier to deal with. The low seat height has it's benefits as it is real easy to stick a leg out to right yourself when things get wobbly. The 250 has much plusher suspension, and while everyone says xr drum brakes are ok, and they are if well maintained, disc brakes are great the decomp lever is nice when you flood the engine, and great for bump starts. It does feel like sitting on top of a tall building after riding a late model 200, it is quite a bit taller but you can get a rear lowering link to drop the seat height a little. I have a fork brace on the 250, it made a world of difference to the handling, in retrospect those long spindly forks just felt vague, I was having problems with random front end washouts prior to fitting the brace, could have been the tires or my (lack) of riding style but if I bought another 250 I would immediately stick a fork brace on it.
  13. LurcherNZ

    XR200 rebuild question

    So I am splitting the cases on a 1990 xr200. So far for the top end I have new honda valves and springs and a motorcycle mechanic friend will rework the valve seats. I have a head with tidy journals good cam and rockers. I got a rktj cast piston for a good price and I am boring out to 66mm. New cam chain, guide/tensioner and sprockets. I have a proX rod on order and my friend will press the crank. I intend to replace all bearings and seals (bought a winderosa seal kit) in the bottom end and I will take a hard look at the oil pump and clutch basket and freshen up the clutch. What else is there in the bottom end or engine overall that needs close scrutiny, is subject to wear, that I will need to check thoroughly? I want to get this thing sorted to a state where I don't have any worries for a long time. Did a similar rebuild on a xr250 10 years ago and it has run faultlessly (with good maintenance and synth oil) ever since so I am a big believer in a thorough refresh.
  14. LurcherNZ

    ‘96 xr200 build... sorta

    So Chuck I am confused, you had cr85 forks and you switched to crf150? or you you used crf150 forks in cr85 triple clamps? I thought most crf150's except the very latest ones had conventional forks (here in NZ I have never seen a crf150 with USDs?) and cr85's were USD? Reason I ask is I have xr250, stem, triple clamps and forks but they are old (87 pre cartridge). I was toying with the idea of putting them on my 200 and lowering the clamps a bit to loose some height but reading this and seeing LostIn207's very nice conversion makes me think USD CR85 forks might be the better option (there are plenty of dismantlers here that have cr85 parts) and I could use my stem on cr85 triple clamps. Would it press straight in or are more intensive mods required? Given both of you changed the top clamp is the Honda cr85 clamp less than ideal? Props to you both for these nice mods
  15. LurcherNZ

    XR200 Piston choices

    Looking at a new Piston. Choices, aside from dodgy no name stuff, price wise they start with Namura, then proX then wiseco or wossner. Strangely I can get Wossner for cheaper out here in New Zealand than in the US and cheaper than Wiseco. Any of the last three would probably be ok with wiseco & wossner being forged. How are the Namura pistons for reliability/durability. Searching on here gives varied opinions has anyone had a problem in a small Honda 4stroke?