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  1. 65-70 miles before switching to reserve at moderate trail pace at high altitude jetted lean. so 25 TMPG? (Trail miles per gallon) Slavens mule motor mods put a 300 up to 90 miles on the stock tank. Still havent got mine done yet. I need to. This is an odd deal tho' My old 1550CC EFI Pig with non EPA legal high lift cams and milled ported heads with 10:25-1 compression and it gets the same MPG on the street with me dogging the heck outta it as my KTM 300 gets in the dirt. Hence 300's cannot be very enviromentally friendly and shant ever be sold as EPA legal!
  2. Amen. There is hope in this place!
  3. I have side cover off my 08 300XC that I put the e-start on. If anyone wants it for cheap PM me. I rode both the XC-W and the XC prior to making my choice on the XC. Everyone thought I was retareded but the gear ratios on the XC are just more usable for me on tight trails and even on faster trails. It shifts and runs like a 2 stroke is supposed to shift and run I guess? I couldnt adjust to the gaps on the W tranny. Seemed like I had to think about it and gear choice way too much. My XC is always on boil and ready to strike. 1st gear is perfect and then hammering through 3rd is like the factory made the tranny for Colorado trails. My winter plan is to have a buddy who works at a dealership split my cases and install the W 5th gear as mine is tagged. At that point with 1st through 4th being the XC close ratio and 5th being my tall Hwy commuter gear I truly believe it will the best gearbox possible for my bike. Meh' with this economy I'll be riding mine for a long time anyhoo. May as well fall deeper in love!!
  4. You were just about there at 78MPH on a stock geared W. Keep at it and you will sieze the piston in that bike though. 300's and sustained wide open throttle can easily end a fun day with a siezed 300. Short blasts. Try not to hold it wide open and lay into like you would a thumper. Buddy of mine seized his tagged 300 mixed at 40:1 and jetted almost sloppy rich out on the Hwy commuting to a trailhead. Mine is tagged and I generally blip the throttle around a bit on the street or fire roads and try not to hold it wide open for than a few seconds at a time. The guys a Dirt Bike Mag seized one testing the top end speed as well.
  5. I have recently started running my sag a bit deeper than the manual or my suspension guy states is best. I found whilst the bike dosent turn in as sharp it more than makes up for the slower turn in by way of being a bit more plush and not so derned busy!! Running just a tad more static and rider sag with the rebound set way low front and rear makes for a plusher more 4 strokish ride on my bike compared to a busier almost harsh feel I get when I set it up as the Doctor claims it should be..... But I'm a Spazwad so go figure!!
  6. Shoals Outdoor Powersports rocks. I had Mark ship me my 2004 200 EXC for $2200.00 I fvcking love that place!
  7. Badass Bike Marv.... I'm envious! Let us know how the shakedown run goes!
  8. I'm faster almost everywhere on the trails of Colorado on my 300 than I was on my 525 thumper. Its light,easy to manhandle and get slowed down on our decomposed granite trails hence I can stay on the power deeper into the corner and feed the beast earlier whilst keeping the shiny side up. The KTM 2 strokes are fast through the corners. No wierd heavy crank inertia trying to fight you everywhere. Not to mention its just easier to deal with on our trickier trails...Taylor, St Charles etc..etc... I was at Rampart a few weeks ago and on a few of those long whooped out fast sections? I always miss the big cruise ship stability of the 525. Its a busy little bee in comparision! Ya' gotta hang on a bit tighter. But you will quickly figure it out and be able to go quite a bit faster.
  9. That EE kit in the link above is my 08 300XC. The light is brighter than the stocker was on my street legal 525 last year. Get one. Easy install and they look cool too. Its just an EE packaged KTM euro lighting kit.
  10. I was on the PC2 kick until I trashed it and was forced to bolt my Gnarly back on. At first I was certain it sucked and wasnt working for me. Then I did a few things. I tweaked and fiddled with the jetting a tad. I yanked my 13T sprocket and put the stock 14T back on the bike. Both scenarios I run a 50T rear. Well I'll be dammned. Now I like the Gnarley better! Pulls the steeper gearing smoother and I pretty much lug the bike around kinda on and off the pipe. The Gnarly is seemly doing this better than the PC2. The PC2 I was always trying to keep the revs high...It felt better up there. I ran a 13/50 gearing setup because that kept that PC2 screaming and I was never at a loss for power to snap up or over the next obstacle. Yet I was on the pipe all the time and a 300 on the pipe all the time can be spooky and busy.... Well gearing it back to stock witha 14/50 and a few very minor jetting tweaks have made the bike more four strokish with a fairly strong midrange hit that seems for now to be better more useable combination for me. I'm smoother and feel like I'm going faster without as much high RPM dramatics. I had tryed this set-up with the PC2 last year and found it had a flatness off idle that I couldnt get dialed out with jetting or PV adjustments. So I dropped a tooth on the sprocket and that made the PC pipe really work well. A little pipey but strong and fun. Think I'm gonna go ahead and stick with the Gnarley for now. When its smashed I will get it fixed ASAP. My riding is high altitude Colorado, Singles, Doubles, Fire roads, commuting a short hop to the trail as mine is tagged. Grunt is good. I take back all the bad stuff I said about Gnarleys in the past!!!
  11. I'm still shocked to see of all guys Old man here? Looking at "Gulp" KTM stuff. Wow....For those of you who arent familiar with this esteemed member? This is very monumental to say the least! C'mon in Old man. Its warm and cozy in here.
  12. All he said. My 300 sucks balls on the trying to maintain any type of Hwy speed. I feel like a 12 year old little kid trying to sneak over to my girlfriends house on an RM80!!!
  13. AS = Air Screw or Fuel mixture screw It makes the bike snappier and harder hitting off the bottom. Keep in mind that the 525 comes off idle differently than the 450. My 525 prior to working with the carb and stuff was a bit lazy off idle and being a heavy bike keeping the front end light and wheelie-ing through and over rocks and roots with quick snaps of throttle made it more fun to ride and less tiring. The RFS motor will loose tractability and just plain hit harder and faster when the sloppy rich AP squirt is addressed and shortened regardless of muffler choice!
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