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  1. sept 27 sunday is the race rained out?
  2. who wants to race eagle creek? harescramble
  3. lets type about moto supreme. i rode there,climbed some hills,but not all of them. it`s a good place to practice hills. mx track was too dusty. i want to go back there this year and ride single track,also might get up the nerve to jump the creek. i rode there about 3 hours,i don`t think i seen everything.
  4. eagle has the cheapest racing. $10 at the gate $25 race fee
  5. i want to ride there.this weekend is good for me. next week end is even better ,i`m talking about sept 12 saturday.
  6. i want to ride there.this weekend is good for me. next week end is even better ,i`m talking about sept 12 saturday.
  7. good question. a couple of us are going to try some old trails on a farm in crawford county. trying to save money,but need seat time to get in shape for the OMA/KORHS race near bedford,in the following sunday. i want to ride at lynnville DNR place but never got a sticker for it. have you been there lately?are the officers writing tickets for no sticker?
  8. black plastic i have so far is front number plate and fork guards. what i want more than anything is black side number plates. 120 for whole kit is a great price.does that include tax and shipping? i also would like to have some black grafics for sides and black seat cover. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- i looked chaparral site,found red w/white number plates only.
  9. i can`t find a kit for my 2000 cr250. i`m thinking ufo don`t sell it by the box.i don`t want white side number plates on my bike. do you get it from ufo warehouse or motosport?
  10. a basket case is only worth about $100. be real,the bike wasn`t very good brand new. if it were running and ridable,it might be worth $800.
  11. ky harescrambles r fun. no ama required $20 membership is required
  12. i`m looking for riding buddies and trails near louisville. the places you mentioned are too far to drive. races cost too much but they are closer. have you tried royal atv trails near elizabethtown,ky?
  13. tree11

    indy race

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------MIDWESTXC.COM Joined: 13 Dec 2007 Posts: 198 Location: kentuckiana Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:00 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for 7/19 MWXC hare scramble -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone. Who all is going to the next MWXC hare scramble on Sunday? Youth start at 9, Bikes at 10 and Quads at 1:30. Last race was a blast - reminded me of the Ironman at Crawfordsville!! Course is set up great and the weather will be perfect. The fair is also going on just a 1/2 mile from there! www.midwestxc.com
  14. i just seen the overall results from a harescramble.some ~C~ riders finished in the top 50% in big bikes and the adult quad race. the guys that run the show don`t seem to care. can an experenced racer tell me if it`s ok?
  15. i`m trying to get a flier uploaded
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