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  1. ziggy93

    Seat question

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2008 yz 450. I only use the bike for trail riding and the seat that came on the bike is really uncomfortable. Its an sdg seat with the bump. I was thinking about getting a used stock seat off of ebay but do you guys know if they're more comfortable?
  2. ziggy93

    Tire question

    I"m not sure I'll check tomorrow, and its a knobby tire
  3. ziggy93

    Tire question

    I have a 1985 Suzuki DR 200 and I need to get a new back tire. The size is 4.10-18. I'm having trouble finding good tires for it, is there any other tire sizes that will fit?
  4. ziggy93

    dodge ram problem

    I dont think the older rams had o2 censors but I'm not sure.
  5. ziggy93

    First truck.

    How can you afford something like that?
  6. ziggy93

    Should I Trade?

    The Dodge is sounding pretty good to me
  7. ziggy93

    Should I Trade?

    I'd keep the car or get the Ram
  8. ziggy93

    Cummins lope

    nice truck, I have a 2000 ram but its gas. Do you have any pics of the inside?
  9. ziggy93

    Flashing headlights?

    Around 9:45 last night I was following a Ford truck in Juniata county that was doing this, was that you lol?
  10. ziggy93

    Blue Headlights?

    Cool, post pics then
  11. ziggy93

    redneck upgrades

    How old are you haha?
  12. ziggy93

    Blue Headlights?

    So, do you guys think I should stick to low beam or get hi and low beam? and I definatly want the 55watt kit right?
  13. ziggy93

    1996 dodge ram 1500

    I have a 2000 1500 longbed and the only proublem so far is that plug in the rearend broke off
  14. ziggy93

    Blue Headlights?

    and also my truck is the 9004 bulb that is both high and low beam can I keep that with a HID kit?