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  1. The riding area in Fountain is still open. Was just down there a few weeks ago. I typically go out to Jewell for winter riding. It's like concrete with sand on it, great fun? lol. But beats not riding.
  2. kingkabong

    CO - boot resole?

    I have Gaerne SG12s and have the new soles ready to go. I'll make some calls, thanks guys!
  3. kingkabong

    KTM 500cc 2T

    This would be a lot of fun, but is just too expensive, IMO. $6k just in parts. I paid $6k for my bike new... (2014)
  4. kingkabong

    colorado CO - boot resole?

    Anyone have a local person who can do resoles? I'd really rather work with someone locally versus having to ship boots around the country.
  5. kingkabong

    CO - Rampart Conditions 11/19/2018

    I went up to look on Friday afternoon (DEC14) and I would say it's not rideable. Still a thick layer of ice under an inch or so of snow.
  6. kingkabong

    250/300xc or XCW?

    XC for me, no question. I don't get along with the PDS system, so have to have linkage. I'm sure it's just a riding style issue, but I'd knife the front end all the time on my PDS bike, where that never happens on a linkage bike. And I really prefer the transmission in the XC. Semi-close ratio I suppose, where the XCW is wide ratio.
  7. kingkabong

    Is a 300xc too much for me?

    If you're looking used, focus on 2012. They went to the DDS clutch in 2013 and I hate it, but YMMV. Just doesn't feel right to me at all, can't modulate.
  8. It's under an inch or so of ice right now, even the parking lot is still mostly covered. Not rideable without spikes. Which might be fun. Surprisingly the road is still open? I just went into the north parking lot and turned around.
  9. kingkabong

    Aftermarket Foot Pegs

    I used to run Fastways on my bikes, tried something different this time around: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1070/62086/Fly-Racing-Gator-Motorcycle-Foot-Pegs So far so good! It's definitely less of a "break-over" angle with your foot, if that makes sense, but it does make the peg feel narrower at times. Fastways don't grip well when wet with the flat heads on, so if you go that route, definite swap to the spikes.
  10. kingkabong

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    Just tried to get a couple Craftsman ratchets replaced, my local Lowe's doesn't have any useful Craftsman tools in stock yet... so not very helpful. I went to Ace and managed to get 2 of the 3 tools I needed, which were also the last on the shelf. Kinda sucks, I've been using Craftsman for 20+ years, but if I can't get warranty replacements, then I guess I better find an alternative. Snap-On is just so damn expensive. $150 for a 1/2" ratchet? ouch.
  11. kingkabong

    Inner tubes

    They're junk... replace asap, wouldn't even ride on them and I'm not joking. My friend just bought a 2018 and we put UHDs in immediately. It's the same junk that was in my 2014. Not worth ruining a ride.
  12. kingkabong

    BRC 500 XC 2 Stroke for 07-17 250 & 300XC

    Wow, that would be awesome... cheaper than buying a new 300, hmm...
  13. kingkabong

    Wreck at Rampart today...

    Didn't see what happened, but there was a whole bunch of emergency vehicles. This was on 627, just south of where it crosses the road, right around the end of it really, probably around 12:30 today. The trail was blocked, the person who asked me to turn around said the guy was in very serious condition. Hope whoever it was pulls through. I don't have any details, but, it seems people park right there to go hiking, so I hope it wasn't related to people on the trail...
  14. kingkabong

    SmartCarb install and initial thoughts

    I've had my SmartCarb since 2014 (38mm cast), they're awesome. A few details I'm not wild about, maybe they've made adjustments, but otherwise, the performance and adjustability is unmatched. I don't like how the throttle cable and the slide attach, basically the cable isn't "retained", so you can't run any cable slack. It seems an extra headache that could have be designed out. I like cable slack in my throttle. I didn't trim my air boot either, 2014 KTM250XC, so there's a bulge (inwards) in the air boot. If you put your fist inside the boot and push as you tighten the boot to the carb, you can minimize this. The carb had a huge impact on my 2005 YZ250, like the bike almost had too much power. It was a beast and would never sign off. Not as noticable on the KTM. It definitely feels like it gets a bit soft (maybe too lean) on some power hill climbs. I'm in CO, so it's likely a different rod profile might fit better. I was in TX when I bought the carb.
  15. kingkabong

    Anybody running a Smartcarb on their 250/300?

    I've been running a 38mm cast version since 2014, they are amazing! I first put it on an old YZ250 and had some trouble, due to some cracks in the old rubber housing on the reed side. Anyway, once I got that worked out, holy shit! The bike never ran out of steam, it felt like it would just keep pulling, crazy! I then put it on a new 2014 KTM250XC. Not as drastic of a change, but has been very good to me. I love being able to go a bit leaner or richer depending on the trails, weather, etc. A couple things I don't like, the cable retention in the slide... since the cable isn't fully retained in the slide, you can't run any cable slack at all. Just something you have to get used to, but it's pretty annoying. And the length, as someone mentioned. Takes a bit of air box deformation to fit with the stock box on an XC. I figured out a way to reduce this by pushing from the inside of the air box as you're installing. You can reduce the amount of bend a bit.