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  1. deputyperk

    power loss

    youll want it in the bottom clip or second to bottom...... when you bring it by tuesday ill have it running top notch, youll be happy. btw i am selling my built crf50 if anyone you know is looking.....
  2. http://gogomotorsports.net/model.php?m=QM50Q110GY
  3. deputyperk

    What's it worth???

    no way, maybe 500 running, i wouldnt pay more than 300 for one with a frozen motor.
  4. deputyperk

    4000$ and under

    4k will get you alot, call or pm NCC they deal with pitsters, and beside pister i would suggest OGM. these will run you around 2500 for the best model and will be a nice strong bike.
  5. deputyperk


    just call him, he will match and maybe beat any advertised price.
  6. deputyperk

    clutch adjustments

    pull the cable by the motor till you feel slight resistance, tighten both locking nuts, then adjust the lever so theres atleast an 1/8 to 1/4 inch of free play.
  7. deputyperk


    90r or a1 90r has the best motor for performance and longevity, those 110 zongers like in the a1/dx3 are decent but slow reving compared to the 90r with irk. dx-3 is a nice little bike for the money i wont lie, my bud has two that he bought from tbolt. he likes them but now one has the jialing 125 motor. the zonger motors always seem to have shifting issues, every single and i mean every single zonger or lifan my friends have brought to me to fix in some way or form have a shifting issue. one of my buds dx3s did it right out of the crate. you can fix, but why bother on a new motor, and sometimes in not a def. fix. 90r all the way, then the a1, then dx3 then the c3 from the models you mentioned. fyi, PM me what you wanna spend, i have a built honda 50 i am gonna sell, i can have it shipped to you at your expense, i am 3 hours from ya!
  8. deputyperk

    How often do you ride your mini?

    gave my 50 about a 3 month rest, to be honest, with my new drz SM i think i may sell the 50, i doubt ill ever ride it again it seems.
  9. deputyperk

    thing just keeps evolvin!!

    yea these china bikes remind me of lego's kinda hahahahaha
  10. deputyperk

    Which Spark plug for SSR SB-A???

    cr7 plug, not the 8, the 8 will foul faster, i ran 7 in mine and my SBA felt like and still feels like a factory freak, the new owner loves and smokes all the zonger 125s and lifan 125s. maybe i have it tuned well i dunno but it doenst feel like a 125 anymore. feels like a friends 138 klx
  11. deputyperk

    power loss

    pmed back
  12. deputyperk

    how much can i ask for a 2006 X2R

    there was a local who sold his mint one for 700. someone who knows what it is wont pay much more than that. for aaround 1k you can buy alot more.
  13. deputyperk

    Repack Whitebros 2 muffler?

    any motorcycle shop can order a FMF repacking kit, they offer a real nice long lasting durable packing that has lasted the last 6k on my older dr650!
  14. deputyperk

    2006 Drz 400sm

    okay well i just won a ebay auction for a fmf slip on, i assume eddies recomendations but a 160 main instead of the 155 will be ok??? no different needle setting or anything??
  15. deputyperk

    power loss

    bring it to me, i am right up 495